packed (with)

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Ине шаншар орын жоқ
keine Stecknadel konnte zur Erde fallen
Яблоку негде упасть
Плюнуть некуда
Ни стать ни сесть
İğne atsan yere düşmez

Meanings of "packed (with)"


To be full of things. "She is just packed with good ideas." Meaning she has many beneficial suggestions.

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„packed (with)“ в текстове на песни

ZICO - Summer Hate

It’s so freaking hot, makes me sweat
I gotta find the way to hide from the sun quickly
It’s packed with people everywhere
The heat of Seoul does not seem to cool down

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Patriotic Song

Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,
Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth.
My beautiful fatherland.


Hey, at the end, please hold me gently
I'll show you everything
That box that seems to be so packed with treasures
I'd noticed that you opened it

Karpe Diem - Easy to be a rebel in your basement flat

say it to Anders, Anders, Anders Anundsen
easy to be a rebel in your basement flat
packed with skeletons in my basement flat
I'm going to end up like you, cowardly

Einar Selvik - Leaving Kattegat

We let the strong cheek
of the horses of the sea
run to the waves, the sides of
our bright mail splattered with blood.

Ouran High School Host Club (OST) - Cherry Blossom Kiss

Little by little the door to love opens
True love is packed with thrills

Cody Simpson - La Da Dee

When you were gone I think of you

All these places packed with people
But your face is all I see

2Pac - Hail Mary

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
Penitentiaries is packed with promise-makers
Never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wastin'

2Pac - Hail Mary

[Verse 2: 2Pac]
Penitentiaries is packed with promise-makers
Never realize the precious time that bitch niggas is wastin'

Eden Ben Zaken - Everybody's in Eilat

All the way here on Highway 90
Full volume Mizrahi music, hands in the air
The car is packed with people
Full volume, we've already learned to sing by heart

amazarashi - Isaac

A well-dressed woman massaged the back of a Shinagawa Station congested and coughing.
In the crouching streets one early morning,
Another day for criminals who for their kind are hunting, jam-packed with the noise of peepers, experts, and speculating.
"You villains don't have the guts to look each other in the eye," the least self-aware of them all is shouting.

amazarashi - IZAK

I had a coughing fit at Shinagawa Station. A woman all dressed up was rubbing my back.
The grey of morning as I squatted was just as expected--
today again, the criminal's hunt for criminals is jam packed with speculation, voyeurs, and the knowledgeable.
"You call yourself a villain but you don't have the courage to act like one," a shameless villain spat.

Youjo Senki (OST) - Move! Move! Move!

Fire! Rapid-fire! Move! 
Danger! Take cover! Go prone! Halt!

To the battlefield! To the frontlines! And to the very brink of death! 

Oxxxymiron - The Prom

A bully moaning from pain,
Is there a more beautiful sound?
Those not packed with lead
Barricaded themselves in a corridor,

K-ON! (OST) - After School Tea Time

We are together so we can see a tomorrow
Forever after school, always tea time
Let's repeat it at dawn, at noon and even at night, this song which is packed with dreams

Dzidzio - Yalta

When worthy persons come around.
And we are offering shrimps to every girl!
The shrimps are salty and there is a bag packed with beer.
With feets in water we are catching jelly-fishes


Everyone has a microcosm known as a heart
It’s tightly packed with a gamut of emotions and love
I’m busy feeling down and getting excited

Epizod - Kocho

Your holiest shrine never shamefully ceding,

The temple was tight-packed with young women and children,
With ecstatic insurgents and ill-fated fathers.

Emilio Arvelo - Happy Birthday!!

On my part I wish you
a bright full day
packed with happiness
on your special day

amazarashi - Sunset-ism

Escape from dystopia. Struggle for existence. No attachment to the life we've put off living.

A raven's cry. A maiden's smile. A 12m2 apartament packed with sexual defiencency.
All mankind is antisocial, sacrilegious, the apex of immorality.