patience is a virtue

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Meanings of "patience is a virtue"


This saying means that the ability to be patient is a virtuous quality of one's character and is one that everyone should try to develop. For that reason, it is often said to someone who is being impatient, especially children.

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"La patience est une vertu." : la patience est une qualité importante, contrairement à l'impatience, vue comme un défaut.

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„patience is a virtue“ в текстове на песни

Chase Atlantic - Triggered

[Outro: Mitchel Cave]
See patience is a virtue
And I'm all out of time right now

George Wassouf - El saber Tayyeb

They say that patience is a virtue, but it's enough of my life passing me by while I stand in one place

And the days that have passed are not coming back again tomorrow, and for the ones I have given my time, they forgot all about me in moments

Virgin Souls - Dennis

Are we sure or do we fall
What we're short of we never show
But patience is a virtue
In the correct circumstances

Taio Cruz - There She Goes

beautiful creatures and make love to 'em on beautiful beaches
Ready for the world but the world ain't ready for me
Patience is a virtue, the way you see
Don’t believe, my baby

Jack Savoretti - Home

This is the road we chose to take
No regrets and no mistakes
They say patience is a virtue but I can't get through
This feeling is real

Jad Nakhla - Smitten with Love

Oh, from the eye & the night, & the pain[fn]Ah=Ouch[/fn]

"Patience is a virtue" they said in songs
And the heart hardly, hardly is to rest

Meg Myers - Some People

Patience is a virtue, or so they say
You're looking for a different you, acting the same old way
If I turn my back too soon, will you be OK?
Is it better to burn out than to fade away?

Madame Macabre - Painted smile

Painted smile

Patience is a virtue
When you're working on a masterpiece

Ludacris - Beast Mode

And a whole 'nother house for my cars is on my checklist
Cause to fit 'em in one garage is like a nigga playin' Tetris
But they say patience is a virtue
Cause I got your bitch stayin' out way past her curfew

Hande Yener - good luck

I became a cinder and went off and burned

if patience is a virtue, I have too much of it
it is nice when enough, but harmful when too much

Mozart l’Opéra Rock (Musical) - Blasted happiness

so afraid
I could wear down my sighs
faking love as the best[fn]patience is a virtue...[/fn] is dying.
I'm afraid I could marry the worst[fn]here we are: this spreads the keywords "meilleur" and "pire" across two sentences, to evoke "pour le meilleur et pour le pire", the traditional vow of marriage (for better, for worse...)[/fn]

Paul McCartney - Liverpool Oratorio Movement 5: Wedding

Not what I need, but just for right now
It's all I've got
I know that patience is a virtue
But at this time in my life

Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On

Another walk to take, another lonesome evening spent without you there
And only those who hurt you will say patience is a virtue when it’s been so long
And I can’t think about it, no, I can’t figure it out

Omayma El Khalil - the coffee rotated

they tell me to be patient, I told them it's forbidden [fn]' forbidden' in the religious sense[/fn]
what has patience given to Ayyoub[fn] prophet 'Job', his story is always mentioned to demonstrate that patience is a virtue and how he was eventually rewarded handsomely by God for that. Hence, this song is making a false claim here[/fn] when he was told to be patient

Wretch 32 - Hush Little Baby

I say this with one hand on my heart, guilt ain't gonna make me change my mind
My first thoughts, were the worst thoughts, running 'round my head in circles
The worlds gonna hate me for saying this, but patience is a virtue
So we don't have to rush for our first youth, we can take time do rehearsals

Wild Fire - Not an Option

Nothing easy, worthwile,
And nothing in between,
Patience is a virtue,
Heaven's just a step away,

madame mabercer - Painted smile

Painted smile

Patience is a virtue
When you're working on a masterpiece

Kiiara - Hang up tha phone

'Cept somewhere with you
'Cept somewhere with you
Drive slow, remember patience is a virtue
There you go at my front door

Herbert Grönemeyer - Draw Your Way

Don't sell out;
Patience is a virtue.
Don't disguise yourself;

Brandon Flowers - The Clock was Tickin'

And the weeks fly by and the years roll on
They say patience is a virtue but the doctor says she don’t have long
You stood up and tried your damndest not to listen