Nana Mizuki - Perfect Smile (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Perfect Smile

Everytime I check lost far off memories, I get scared
Important things, fleeting things, when they're broken I can't go on
If exchanged words aren't enough
Look at me, don't blink
With a smile no one else sees, quietly look up at the sky
And now I'm sure, you'll find the answer you searched for
In the glittering future
I drew out my ideals and dreams but I don't know how to reach them
If you can't see your true self
Don't blame yourself, keeping looking straight ahead
Throw off hesitations and worries, one day when that day comes
You'll definitely be able to say "I don't dislike myself"
In the transparent future
In the midst of a great bustle you cover your ears but
I know you can hear my melody
If you believe in tomorrow, your daily life will open up
Your unadorned self is fine, it's good
With a smile that won't lose to anyone, I'll come and see you
And now I'm sure you can see the light you looked for
Over the horizon
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I'm not sure about my choice of using 'you' and 'I'. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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