Postmodern (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


Alligatoah... Monday
Last week I thought I will save the way around the blocks
Ordered on the internet, it will be sent by the post
Maybe even today. I walk to the mail box
But it's empty like my stomach after intensive fasting
Like forgotten boxes of pralines in the children's room
So what! I don't want to blame anyone
Tomorrow is another day, it doesn't have to happen so quickly
I have time, I wait and drink some beer!
Beautiful morning. The sun is shining!
And I feel it, I'll immediately get
my goods. Hanging out at the door, level-headed and confident of victory, like a flyscreen
But instead of checking up I imagine
What I will do with my order this morning
And then I put in my hand! Suspension rises!
I take something out of the box: an advertising for mutton
Oh my...
[Hook] 2x
What a pity!
It's nobody's fault
What a pity!
I'm patient
What a pity!
No trouble because of me
What a pity!
I'm young, I can wait!
Chill! First the early morning exercise - Thai boxing
By producing drops of sweat I'm saving heating costs
Afterwards, maybe I will check the post, when I have time
Okay, I'll check up now!
Run downstairs, knock over a shelf, but I don't care, I want my parcel
Outside, I see a bunch of mail men but they go by
Okay! I'll do more knee bends
Although I would much more like to ogle my pen friends
Fuck the post! Seriously, man..
I barely slept well
More precisely, I didn't close my eyes
The whole time I hypnotized the mail box with an insane look like a satanist, till dawn
And every minute during which nothing happens and during which I fight against my helplessness
My fingernails dig deeper into my thigh
High Noon and you can hear me swear quietly
I boil with rage but no noodles
Let me climb on the Ganja tree
Fuck! Totally overslept! What an insane dream
Was there a noise? I went from naught to sixty
Don't have my pulse under control, walk downstairs
Where are my clothes? I'm getting dressed upstairs
Fuck it! Who needs trousers, anyway?
I open the door, see the mail man
carrying the object I desire
[Hook] 2x
The post is lost!
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Andrew DangerouslyAndrew Dangerously    Пет, 18/04/2014 - 16:38

I don't like Aligatoah but the only translation requests are just shitty rap artist. D=

Good job with the translation none the less, I mostly gave up on translating rap music.