Raise hell

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Meanings of "Raise hell"


to behave in a way that is not controlled and that causes trouble; to make a noisy disturbance; to complain vociferously

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доставлять неприятности; устроить скандал; поднять шум; прийти в ярость

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"Raise hell" в текстове на песни

Stromae - Bastard

Asshole or else thinking the world revolves around you
Mister think you are the cat's whiskers
Above all not raise hell, have to quiet, eh?
Have to be kind, have to be cuddly

MBAND - She Will Come Back

To my dusk!
We've seen so much together,
We'll make some noise and raise hell!
We're made from the same metal,

Francesco De Gregori - Always and Forever

They change
The face of people
They raise hell in your heart and then they pass
And they come back

Pitbull - Outta Nowhere

But they don't understand me all well
Snitching is a sport now so please do tell
The world how I raise hell
Yea, so the clown when I skip jail

2Pac - Hail Mary

We all wrapped up in this livin', life as thugs
To my homeboys in Clinton Max doin' their bid
Raise hell to this real shit and feel this
When they turn out the lights, I'll be there in the dark

Dorothy - Raise Hell

Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell

Raise hell
Somebody gotta, gotta raise a little hell

Lady Gaga - Heavy Metal Lover

Dirty pearls and a patch for all the Rivington Rebels
Let's raise hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble

Hassisen Kone - Live Life In Decay

And you're way too lazy to switch to another channel
To your wife you yell: "Bring in that beer! No one can take this while sober"
The hooligans howl and the roughs raise hell, life anyways is so dour

Panic! at the Disco - Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time

This night is heating up
Raise hell and turn it up
Saying "If you go out you might pass out in a drain pipe"

Avenged Sevenfold - St. James

They blur the lines and lead the way,
Their way
Raise hell and a glass in reverence,
The fearless lives of our great saints - our saints

Toni Storaro - Who is your father?

You have so many admirers,that you spin them round.
Who has brought you here,who? He should have a grain of pity!
You make men fight for you and raise hell.

Eminem - Mosh

They ain't gon' stop us they can't, we're stronger now more than ever
They tell us no we say yeah, they tell us stop we say go
Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell, we gon' let 'em know
Stomp, push shove, mush, fuck Bush

Biagio Antonacci - I fall

And it will always be a celebration beyond love
And I fall in the scuffle
And I fall silently, and I raise hell
An era of love in me

Tech N9ne - Caribou Lou

Pineapple juice, and Malibu, caribou, get them all numb
Make baby girl come
Out of her shell and raise hell
Don't stop till the cops come

Sabaton - Smoking Snake

Throwing dice, with their lives
As they're paying the price
Sent to raise hell, hear the toll of the bell
It is calling for you as the wehrmacht devised

Nèg' Marrons - The Appraisal

It snowballed, first album, studio, promo, music video
The Nèg'Marrons went out live and took all the public by storm
In the four corners of France we started to raise hell
Like in the previews of Steel Pulse and the Fugees in Paris

Mikhail Krug - Vladimir's Central Prison

It's not a game of chance that brings wrack and ruin, but an ace to an eleven.

Let's go, raise hell!
And together we'll sin,

Dierks Bentley - Am I The Only One

Is there anybody out there who wants to have a cold beer
Kick it to the morning light
If I have to raise hell all by myself
I will but y'all, that ain't right

Brandi Carlile - Raise Hell

I'm gonna raise, raise hell
There's a story no one's telling
You gotta raise, raise hell
Go on and ring that bell

Azra - The Strummer

You'd like to be like those
bearded and strong guys
To raise hell in pubs
And to be offered cigarettes and booze