Rayuela (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


Hopscotch¹, chapter Seven.
You're looking at me, you're looking at me closely,
every time closer still
and then we play cyclops,
we're looking at each other still closer
and the eyes widen,
drawing on each other, overlap each other
and the cyclopes staring each other,
breathing confused
Texts written and published years ago,
with cronopios² or without them,
around their world of games;
at this great occupation that gaming is
when searching for other doors...
One, two, three, four ...
Earth, Sky!
Five, six ...
Paradise, Hell!
Seven, eight, nine, ten ...
You have to know to move your feet
in hopscotch, or in life
you can choose one day.
Why edge, from which side will you jump?
Other approaches to non-daily life
simply by beautifying the daily life,
to brighten it all at once differently.
Take it out of the box,
define it, anew and better.
I only need to close my eyes
to undo everything and start afresh.
Exactly like with your mouth that smiles
under my hand that's drawing you.
I'm feeling you trembling against my body
like a moon on water.
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¹ Rayuela is a novel by the argentine writer Julio Cortázar published in 1963, and in english as Hopscotch in 1966
² Cronopios are naive and benign beings created by Julio Cortázar



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