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Dark Eternal Night

No one dared to
speak of the terrible danger
The hideous ancient warnings
Forged in the void of night
He is risen up
Out of the blackness, chaos
The last of the prophets sinister
A sickening monstrous sight
Through the stifling heat
Underneath the pale green moon
I burned with a thirst
to seek things not yet seen
Climbing endless stairs
Leading to the choking room
Eager to explore
his most shocking mysteries
Drifting beyond all time
Out of a churning sky
Drawn to the beckoning light
of the dark eternal night
Black forces
rage in the vortex, fighting
Waves of destruction swallowing
the echo of the universe
I am the last
Born of the blood of the pharaohs
The ultimate god of a rotting creation
Sent to unleash this curse
Restless crowds draw near
Nameless hooded forms appear
Amidst fallen ruins,
grotesque creatures battle
Shadowed on a screen
Yellow evil faces leer
Vacant monuments
Corpses of dead worlds left behind
Trapped in a hellish dream
Spinning past worlds unseen
And frightfully vanishing
into the dark eternal night
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