Моля, помогнете "In A Dark Forest" да бъде преведена

  • Изпълнител: Ww Ww
  • Песен: In A Dark Forest
  • Заявка: Английски → Италиански
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    Traduzione fedele al testo originale inglese in lingua italiana.


In A Dark Forest

Here amid cold columns in a dark forest
Wooded by the trees of sullen ignorance
Where only the fear abundantly grows
Nourished by the acrid tears of regret
In a place where existence is oblivion
Mourning the soul lost, not yet gone
There is gloom that blocks the sun
So thick not a trace pierces its pall
A glimmer of hope cannot find its way
The aching heart patters on unheard
Within a cultivated thicket's density
A prison within, and a wall without
A labyrinth of lame excuses and lies
A warren for a scoundrel to take refuge
The spectre stands nearby awaiting
For a fool's drama to conclude unlauded
A tragedy closes on a bashful bard
The life not lived in revelation's light
Моля, помогнете "In A Dark Forest" да бъде преведена