say no more

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Meanings of "say no more"


say no more- больше ни слова

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oldu bil

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ні слова більше. зазвичай говорять у ситуаціях, коли не хочуть чути чогось

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„say no more“ в текстове на песни

G-Dragon - That XX

That it’s going to last forever
You believe in this and
I don’t know what to say no more

Amin Rostami - neshooni

You broke up once more
I'll keep with your love
If you say no more and more
May be if you leave me

Aventura - historia de amor

you even say that you hate me and that the love has left you
look me in the ojos, come tell me that you no longer love me
and then yes, i'll make no more songs, i'll say no more words

Ashnikko - Hi, It's Me

Someone hold me back or I'll run a fucking marathon
I'm crazy now, crying, "Where the hell has my mascara gone?"
I say no more, it's over, it's all about me and what I want
But you find me, 5AM its booty call at the Marriott

Eden Hason - No More Clubbing

You're going back home to your parents today

And you say, "No more games"
You're sick of all those guys in the clubs

EXO - Baby Don't Cry ( The Mermaid's Tears)

Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
Please don’t hesitate just when I’m about to become foam,
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
So that I can remain as a dazzling person just burn me with that knife.

Faramarz Aslani - If One Day You Would Go Away

I'll turn into a sea bird
I'll embrace the waves
I'll tell my heart to say no more
yet I'll leave in uproar.

Mike D'angelo - Break You Off Tonight

Dig u up until im deep inside
I jus wanna taste u
Theres no need to say no more
I just wanna take u down tonight yea

ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

I don’t wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it’s hurting me
Now it’s history

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - 24/7=Heaven

괜히 심장이 뛰어
I don't wanna say no more
Feel like I don't wanna say no more
(I know) Oh 넌

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor

My name ain’t Keith but I see why you Sweat me
L.A., Miami, New York
Say no more, get on the floor

Joe Dassin - This Isn't Going to Change the World

Me, I stayed the same
The one who believed that you loved him
It wasn't true, say no more
And life goes on

EXO - Baby Don't Cry (인어의 눈물)

Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
제발 망설이지는 말아줘 물거품이 될 그 찰나
Say no more (baby) no more (don`t cry)
눈부신 사람으로 남을 수 있게 차라리 그 칼로 날 태워줘

Shakira - Blind, Deaf, Mute

How many times have I tried to erase you from my memory
And even if I say no more it's the same story over again
Because this love always knows how to make me take a deep breath

Koji Tamaki - Friend

Say no more
In the shadow of you

Wael Kfoury - Bihinn

A wound that left a scar
Go, I left you to Destiny
I can say no more

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - 24/7=heaven

I don’t wanna say no more
Feel like I don’t wanna
say no more
I know oh you

Jesse & Joy - I feel so sorry

You, so natural at lying
looking straight at my face.
Let's say no more, you are the one missing it.
(how sorry I feel, how sorry I feel, how sorry I feel)

Christmas Carols - As I Lay on Yule Night

"Sweet son,
surely, I can say no more
and if I could; delighted I would,

G-Dragon - Breathe

I know you want it baby
You and me hardcore right now
Til you say no more