Se puder sem medo (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Be not afraid

Leave on this table the photo I used to like
so I'll think your smile has grown older with me
let me have your hand once more in mine
so I'll photograph my true shelter
leave the bedroom's light on and the door half opened
the sheet crumpled even though it's empty
leave the towel over the table and the food ready
only do not mess with my head, I shall silence it myself
let the heart speak what I have once shut
leave the house silent thinking it's still early
let our graceless love die without poetry
leave everything as it is, and be not afraid
leave everything you remember, I'll pretend I'll forget
leave and when you don't come back, I pretend I don't care
let me see if I remember a catchphrase
to say seeing you go and closing the door behind you
leave what is not urgent and I may still need
let my sick look landed on the table
leave there your address, I call If there are any news
leave what you pretended to take, but left by surprise
let me cry like I have never been capable of with you
let me face the insomnia like a grown up
Let me pretend I can, at least once
if the goodbye takes too long, the heartache expands itself
the the disc on the gramophone so I will thinks it's a party
let the drawer closed so I won't see your absence
leave my insanity, It's all I have left
Let me put to proof all of mu resistence
let me confess my fear of light and dark
let me tell it was fake my cool voice
leave the knackered jean pants hanging
that, as our love, moves to any wind
let me dream that you are not in a hurry
leave a last message on the house next door
bypass the sophistry and let's go right to the point
leave the pain I caused to you, now it is all mine
leave everything I did not say, buy you knew well
leave everything you silenced and I needed so much
leave what was nonexistent and I thought it was there
Leave everything I'd ask, but I thought I'd give.
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Пуснато от Gabriel LimaGabriel Lima в Пет, 09/02/2018 - 01:37
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Se puder sem medo

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