Sensizlik Kıyamet (превод на Английски)

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to be without you is doomsday

Somehow those depressed days
All for me all for me
Somehow this heart is broken
For the spending time with you
Everything starts with you
Everything ends with you
when all sound stops
You will come back yourself
Everything starts with you
everything is without you perhaps
how will you know
to bewithout you is doomsday
to bewithout you is gallows for me
this is a game of being happy
within unhappiness
sometimes in front of truths
you cant see in thinkings
sometimes when heart love like this
with all the truths of lies
to love starts with dying
suddenly everyhing gets slow down
when All life gets dying down
you again will see me
everymoment that you stay without me
the loves you think is real...
you will seee acctually never existed
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