shoot the breeze

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Meanings of "shoot the breeze"


to pass time by chatting; to talk idly in order to "kill time"

Example: I often wonder if government employees ever
work. They never seem to do anything except sit around and shoot the breeze.

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проводить время в бесцельных пустых разговорах; болтать ни о чем; болтать всякую ерунду; врать без всякой цели.

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"shoot the breeze" в текстове на песни

Dua Lipa - Want To

[Verse 2]
Some people do, but some they just like to talk, okay
Some shoot the breeze, but some like to leave a mark, okay
Some need the light, and some people like the dark, okay, yeah

Matt Mattox - Lonesome Polecat

'Cause I ain't got no
Little gal owl fowl
Here to shoot the breeze

Dear Evan Hansen (OST) - For Forever

An open field that's framed with trees
We pick a spot and shoot the breeze
Like buddies do

Moby - A Case For Shame

Swallow my name, swallow it down
Sing me a song
Shoot the breeze, shake my hand
Across the fire, I caught you staring

Oasis - Whatever

You're free to be wherever you
Wherever you please
You can shoot the breeze if you want

Eminem - Shady CXVPHER

I look at this gat like it's an actual accessory
I'm anti-social so relax when you step to me
Nigga I shoot the breeze with actual weaponry
Your lil' stare downs won't fare well

IAMX - This Will Make You Love Again

To feel the reigns – love again
The sweet delays – love again
To shoot the breeze – love again

İkiye On Kala - How are you after all this time?

Forget about past, how are you after all this time?
It's strange a little bit, it would be great to don't shoot the breeze.

Glee Cast - Here's to us

Get another bottle out
Let's shoot the breeze, sit back down
For just one more drink

Raleigh Ritchie - Birthday Girl

We could've gone anywhere
If you wanna shoot the breeze
But I remember you said