Ситар играл (Sitar igral) (превод на английски)

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The Sitar Played

The sitar played.
George Harrison, who was rather fond of money,
listened to some mantras and got high.
He bought a ticket for a steamship and left for Dehli.
And in his ears, all the time the sitar played.
Who was playing? And whose Sitar?
The sitar was being played by Ravi Shankar himself!
He was sitting in the lotus pose on the back of an elephant,
with the sitar in his hands.
The sitar played.
George Harrison bought a dozen sets of beads.
George harrison said: "I will live a life of love!"
And then he said "Good Bye",
and disappeared into his thoughts.
The sitar played.
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Ситар играл (Sitar igral)

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