Ár var Alda ("Song about Magic") (превод на Английски)


Ár var Alda ("Song about Magic")

Bindar deg til meg.
Trøar treet tvinna.
Tre gongar går for deg.
Tre songar synge for deg.
For å skille.
For å sjå.
Eg vere uår deg.
Ramme runar gjæra.
Ri ut for hugen.
Ri saman hugen.
No vandra eg mi vise.
Danne fila mi å fall.
Spin, spin, vilje mina songen.
Hverva andre vinn.
Hugen hverva hug an vinn.
Trøane trinna trø an vinn.
Under månen, under haugen.
Under galgar taler døy.
Vinn tek, vel vinn tek seg.
Ung ramm arte kundar hang mann.
Gal-rå vake ein døy mann, ham-ramm.
For å giva lån.
For å saman gang.
Tvinna ramm-song frå frø.
Ser å gå de gang.
Vilje vinne då.
Eg vår, og å ar vinn dagar.
Vinda veve å hatt topp tvinnar.
Til deg som sokne.
Til deg som trø.
No i rim nøgd, no rokk ned.
No i sving nøgd, no rokk ned.
Båre dår upannar.
Sånn går dår uslapp.
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This was a good puzzle over some good music. I managed to tackle most of it, translation too. Note; I don't speak a word of this, so its prone to errors (grammaticly). But most of the words are very accurate and now in the right place. This is all Nynorsk, if it is not in the dictionary it must be slang.

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превод на Английски

Ár var Alda - Age was Old

Bind yourself to me.
Tread the-tree twining. (Tree=three)
Three gongs go for you.
Three songs sing for you.
Meant to peel (=differentiate).
Meant to see (=perceive).
I attend not-aging you.
Form runes incited. (Runes=letters+words+sayings)
Drive out of the-mind.
Ride together the-mind.
Now I walk my tune/tone.
Establish my way to fall-to/excel.
Turn, turn, will makes the-song.
Endorse secondary win.
To-mind endorses [the] mind a win.
Treading builds [the] tread a win.
Under the-moon, under the-load.
Under gallows telling die. (=Until exhaustion)
Win take, surely win take one-self.
Early formed creates user [a] lasting man.
Madly waken one dying man, beaten-form.
Meant to give [as] loan.
Meant to go together.
Twine form-song from seed.
See to go/get you going.
Will wins then.
I was, and to become wins days.
Wind weave to have top twines.
Till you who parishes.
Till you who treads.
Well as rhyme satisfies, well spins down.
Well as swing satisfies, well spins down.
Stretch there not-forehead.
Thus go there not-weak.
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A direct translation, with most of the words still in the same place. Note; I don't speak a word of this, so it is prone to errors. Enjoy.

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