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Starting Now (Multi-Language Version) (превод на английски)

Starting Now (Multi-Language Version)

There's a girl I find
In my reflection, she is smart and kind
Don't need protection, she's a warrior
And she is waiting for you just around the bend
Dorthin, wo du jeden Tag das Dunkle erhellst
Und wo du deine Träume im Herzen behältst
In eine neue Welt
Il n'y a plus de temps à perdre
Si on te pose un nouveau regard
Stai con me sulle ali della libertà
Non c'è tempo da perdere
Las estrellas te guiarán
Dile adiós a quien fuiste ayer
Desde ya!
Alrededor encuentro aliento para ser mejor
Surjo de la profundidad del mar
E cada sonho que eu tenho vou alcançar
Os meus amigos me lembram aonde eu posso chegar
День настал!
Нас зовут ночи тёмные,
И свой путь ты найдёшь сама.
Kim chce być, ta nowa ja
Każdej z nas
W pierwszy lot wyfruwamy z gniazd
Да вървиш без страх напред.
Остави всичко отпреди,
Само днес!
Și de azi
Orice ar fi, n-am să uit, orice s-ar întâmpla
Îmi ascult inima, inima
En ineens spontaan
Werd tijdenlang verhaald kan iets ontstaan
Zet de stap
눈을 떠 날 만날 시간
분명 난 빛이 날 거야
את קרובה לירח כבר
עוד תיגעי בכוכבים
Και το χθες τώρα πια ξεχνώ
Ξεκινάω, ξεκινάω
Εδώ και τώρα, εδώ και τώρα, τώρα
Δες ξεκινάω!
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Starting Now

There's a girl I find
In my reflection, she is smart and kind
Don't need protection, she's a warrior
And she is waiting for you just around the bend
To where you light up the dark every day
And where you keep your dreams in your heart
Into a new world
There is no more time to lose
If we look on you anew
Stay with me under the wings of liberty
There is no time to lose
The stars will guide you
Say goodbye to who you were yesterday
From now on
All around I am encouraged to be better
I rise up from the depths of the sea
Far beyond, and finally, I'll find the light
And I'll make my dreams come true
My friends remind me where I can reach
To see how far I'll go
The day has come
We are called dark nights
And you will find your path yourself
Who she wants to be, this new me
Each one of us
At her first flight, flies away from her nest
To walk onward with no fear
Leave everything behind
Only today
And from today on
Whatever comes to be, I won't forget, whatever happens
I'll listen to my heart, heart
And then all of a sudden
As they've been saying, something could bloom
Take that step
It's time to open your eyes and meet yourself
Your light will shine bright
Let the hidden reflection of you
Starting now
You're close to the moon already
You'll soon touch the stars
And I now forget about yesterday
I start
I start, I start
Here and now, here and now, now
See, I start
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