Strung out

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Meanings of "Strung out"


a. Stupefied from ingestion of or withdrawal from a drug.
b. Addicted to a drug.
c. Severely debilitated from long-term drug use.
d. Physically or emotionally exhausted.

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a. При последнем издыхании;
b. Одуревший от алкоголя/наркотиков;
c. Измотанный;
d. Нервный

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Strung out - a. Nervioso, tenso
b. Adicto a una droga
c. Debilidad severa luego del uso prolongado de una droga
d. Exhausto física o emocionalmente

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"Strung out" в текстове на песни

Balti - Oh my night

Men's heads are down
Fallen down thinking and minds are strung out
neighbour's sons are sleeping devils

Anitta - Downtown

If you want, come and stay for another round
She likes it when I go downtown
she asks me to stay today strung out
I say uh mom, I'm interested

Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants

That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm acting a bit crazy
Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying

John Moreland - You Don't Care for Me Enough to Cry

And I'm the kind of love it hurts to look at
And maybe we should take it as a sign
When I'm strung out on leaving
Exalting all my demons

C-Block - So Strung Out

Should I take away my life, dear God
Or will you pull me through, will you pull me through
I'm so strung out, I'm so strung out

Moby - Lift me up

Take us so far (Take us so far)
Broken down cars (Broken down cars)
Like strung-out old stars (Like strung-out old stars)

Metallica - Turn The Page

There I go, turn the page

So you walk into this restaurant strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you, as you're shaking off the cold

Steve Perry - Strung Out

Strung out
Strung out
Strung out

Balti - ο νυχτα μου

Men's heads are down
Fallen down thinking and minds are strung out
neighbour's sons are sleeping devils

David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky
We know Major Tom's a junkie
Strung out in heaven's high
Hitting an all time low

Kasabian - The Party Never Ends

Here we are, looking at the sun
Nothing's gonna change
All strung out, beached upon the shore
You said 'I don't ever want to change no more'

Drake - Headlines

[Verse 1]
I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence
Started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequence

Violent Femmes - Blister in the sun

Body and beats, I stain my sheets, I don't even know why
My girl friend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry
When I'm a walking, I strut my stuff, then I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite, I just might, stop to check you out </em>

Ne-Yo - Because of You

Ain’t no doubt, so strung out
Ain’t no doubt, so strung out
Over you, over you, over you

Udo Lindenberg - Cello

And sometimes you gave that look
And I though: "Damn!"
And then I was totally strung out again

Foster the People - Best Friend

(With your head hanging upside down)
Oh yeah, you know it
That's how you know that your best friend's all strung out

David Bowie - Asche zu Asche

Asche zu Asche, Funk wird funky <fn>Die wörtliche Übersetzung wird dem Sinn nicht ganz gerecht.</fn>
Wir wissen alle, daß Major Tom ein Junkie ist
Zugedröhnt hoch oben am Himmel<fn>Oder auch: "Voll geschafft nach seinem Trip". Der Begriff "strung out" kann sowohl das "high" eines Drogenrausches als auch das "low" danach beschreiben.</fn>
Erreicht er einen absoluten Tiefpunkt

M.O.P. - Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)

I had reason to believe he had some shit up his sleeve all along (So?)
Fuck you Your Honor, check my persona
I’m strung out off of Old Gold and marijuana
I'mma do what I wanna, quiet as kept

Bob Seger - Turn the Page

So you walk into this restaurant,
uh strung out from the road
And you feel the eyes upon you,

Muse - Thought Contagion

Thought Contagion

Strung out, falling from the big time
Welcome to the infinite black skies