Sudety (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски


Colourful blocks of flats along a river
And old factories
That look like shattered churches
And a bunch of gipsies in a bend repairing their Lada car
My little one, this is Sudetenland
My Sudetenland
And birch trees in the forest
Birch trees
Birch trees
And German writings under the plasterings
We were born here
And where am I?
And where are you?
And blind solitudes on the hillsides
And narrow roads in gloomy valleys near the river
And forgotten graves in the woods
My little one, this is Sudetenland
My Sudetenland
A land a hundred times occupied
By different armies
Those hundred times changed names
Of this no man's land between us
Between us
And blind adders in the blackberry bushes
And rusty German helmets
Blue-eyed blonde girls
Genetical experiments
And that silence and darkness at night
And the moon
And that soft grass on the meadows
And you
And it's a bit scary
And it's a bit me
And a bit you
And my Sudetenland
Between us
There's a lake hidden in the forest
Between us
It's not a lake, actually
Between us
People say it's bottomless
Between us
And that it's a gate into your unconsciousness
Between us
And the depth opens below you
Between us
The coldness from the depths drags you down
Between us
Your valentine sits on the shore
Between us
Deep craters
Under the eyes
Between us
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