Svartsint Ömhet (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Envious Soreness

So outdated but still young
But still so light
So calm
Still so strained
In high spirits
If I had the energy
I would have drugged myself every day
With a stupid whore
Or why not myself
As only company,
Misuse as
It was my only pastime
I’m not an actor
But with self-destructivity
As a cornerstone
I cannot stop playing this angry game
With a rusty Moraknife
In a darkened apartment
Night after night
Where hope came to disappear
Where I drunken came to forget
Every breath feels so meaningless
Every word feels so empty
So meaningless
So stupid
Do you even know what dedication mean?
Every thought pulls me
Towards my own annihilation
Fuck, it really depletes me
What even happened yesterday?
Fuck, I can’t remember anymore…
What is going to happen now?
Let me avoid this
This prison of my body
Once in for all
Let me just forget
I don’t wanna wake up yet
Love can no longer give me anything good
So dear, it’s time to give in
For what’s calling me
I expand, grow
Beyond this empty world
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