Tündérkert (превод на Английски)

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Fairy garden

Sorrow, sorrow, how you devoured me,
how much you didn’t put in the ground,
it would be so much better if you put me there,
just don’t let grief touch me.
Wheat shall ripen
for every day a new wind whelms it,
my heart shall wither
for every day a new grief whelms it.
Forest, forest, how tall you are,
my homeland, how far away you are,
if I could cut down the forest,
I could catch sight of your frontiers.
When I left home
I had a heart, I wasn’t grieving.
As soon as I crossed those frontiers
I didn’t have a heart any more, I was so sad.
You’ve been at home, you will be at home,
wherever you go, whatever direction you walk,
if the blue hills open up,
the heaven also will see: you’ve arrived home.
You will return home, you’re not going any further,
you’ve been human, so remain human,
if the blue hills open up,
you are at home, you’re not going any further.
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