Te Amo (превод на английски)

  • Изпълнител: Pablo Neruda (Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto)
  • Песен: Te Amo
  • Преводи: английски
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Te Amo

Te amo,
te amo de una manera inexplicable,
de una forma inconfesable,
de un modo contradictorio.
Te amo
con mis estados de ánimo que son muchos,
y cambian de humor continuamente.
por lo que ya sabes,
el tiempo, la vida, la muerte.
Te amo…
con el mundo que no entiendo,
con la gente que no comprende,
con la ambivalencia de mi alma,
con la incoherencia de mis actos,
con la fatalidad del destino,
con la conspiración del deseo,
con la ambigüedad de los hechos.
Aún cuando te digo que no te amo, te amo,
hasta cuando te engaño, no te engaño,
en el fondo, llevo a cabo un plan,
para amarte mejor.
Te amo…
sin reflexionar, inconscientemente,
irresponsablemente, espontáneamente,
involuntariamente, por instinto,
por impulso, irracionalmente.
En efecto no tengo argumentos lógicos,
ni siquiera improvisados
para fundamentar este amor que siento por ti,
que surgió misteriosamente de la nada,
que no ha resuelto mágicamente nada,
y que milagrosamente, de a poco, con poco y nada
ha mejorado lo peor de mí.
Te amo,
te amo con un cuerpo que no piensa,
con un corazón que no razona,
con una cabeza que no coordina.
Te amo
sin preguntarme por qué te amo,
sin importarme por qué te amo,
sin cuestionarme por qué te amo.
Te amo
sencillamente porque te amo,
yo mismo no sé por qué te amo…
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It's a poem, not a song.
The author, Pablo Neruda, took the Nobel prize in Literature in 1971.

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I love you

I love you,
I love you in an inexplicable manner,
in an inconfessable form,
in a contradictory way.
I love you
with my states of mind that are many
and change their moods continuously
for what I already know,
the weather, life, death.
I love you...
with the world I can't make out,
with the people I can't understand,
with the ambivalence of my soul,
with the inconsistency of my actions
with the doom of destiny,
with the conspiracy of desire,
with the ambiguity of what happens.
Even when I tell you I don't love you, I love you,
until I cheat you, I won't cheat you,
basically, I'm making a plan
to love you better.
I love you,
without thinking about it, unconsciously,
irresponsibly, spontaneously,
unintentionally, instinctually,
impulsively, irrationally.
As a matter of fact I have no logical reasons,
nor made up ones either
on which to base this love I feel for you,
which arose misteriously from nothing
and which has not turned magically into anything,
and miraculously, from very little, with not much and nothing,
has improved the worst of me.
I love you,
I love you with a body that doesn't think,
with a heart that doesn't reason,
with a head that doesn't think straight.
I love you,
without asking myself why I love you,
without it mattering to me why I love you,
without questioning me on why I love you.
I love you
simply because I love you
and myself I don't know why I love you.
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