Russia is waging a disgraceful war on Ukraine. Stand With Ukraine!


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Hello! My ID is "Coréesti," a combination of Corée (Korea in French) and Eesti (Estonia in Estonian).
I'm from Korea, and I love French music and Estonian music.

When I translate English or Estonian songs into Korean, I try to make English footnotes, so others can see if there's a change in meaning. Regular smile I hope it helps Korean learners or other English speakers who are curious.

I have a youtube channel about how I learn Estonian, though I don't make videos there these days.
These days, I make stories on instagram and I share Estonian songs' lyrics in Estonian, English and Korean. Regular smile
If interested, you can check my previous stories in 51 highlight folders on instagram. Regular smile
Instagram ID: coreesti
Youtube ID: Coréesti
Thank you! Aitäh! Merci! 감사합니다! Regular smile

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Taras PetrynenkoУкраїна (Ukrayina) Sукраински → корейски
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украински → корейски
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Politsei- Ja PiirivalveorkesterSada aastat Sестонски → корейскиестонски → корейски
Politsei- Ja PiirivalveorkesterSada aastat Sестонски → английски3естонски → английски
Hanna Kristiina LihtAlusta S,Rестонски → корейскиестонски → корейски
Hanna Kristiina LihtAlusta Sестонски → английски
получил/а 1 благодарност
естонски → английски
получил/а 1 благодарност
Meie MeesŠokolaadist Jänes естонски → английскиестонски → английски
Karl KillingSegadus Hinges естонски → английскиестонски → английски
OopusHingesandid естонски → английскиестонски → английски
Karl-Erik TaukarOokean Sестонски → корейски4естонски → корейски
Tanel PadarRännata Võib Sестонски → корейскиестонски → корейски
Tanel PadarRännata Võib Sестонски → английски1естонски → английски
The SmithsThis Charming Man Sанглийски → корейски1
получил/а 1 благодарност
английски → корейски
получил/а 1 благодарност