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Animes (SNK, Vinland Saga); Books (The Prince & Human, All too human both pt-br versions). Games (Wesnoth). The bands and musicians I translate. Good jokes (mainly the jokes that are hard to diggest). @TheUniversalOS / Linux.

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Se você achar qualquer coisa errada manda uma mensagem explicando o que está errado.
As músicas que eu traduzo são quase todas com a intenção de compreender o que está escrito e traduzir diretamente, evitando inserir, retirar ou alterar palavras buscando estilo, apesar de eu tentar escrever com estilo e evitar erros gramaticais em ambos os idiomas, mas não sou muito bom em nenhum dos dois (gostaria que fosse modéstia kkkkkk (os risos da tristeza)).

If you find anything wrong, send me a message explaining it.
The musics I translate are almost all intended to be "direct", meaning avoiding big changes to improve style. Sometimes when I don't find a good translation I go for style. I avoid grammar errors but I'm not that good in both languages.

it ain't' much but it's honest work

What kind of song do you listen to that makes you better than the others? Tell me. I really doN'T want to know.
I've been studying mathematics to be a teacher. But I would like too to be a policeman or a politician.
Maybe I'm a Doomer, I don't know. I believe we need to live well, in the sense of planning and executing the plans to have a better life, don't forgetting the paths we follow will lead us to determined places in detriment of other places that we will NEVER be in. And once and for all I want to learn to think, I really hope I and my friend to think better. I think I should watch SNK again, I became too sentimental, where did the Hades' arrows went?

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1 глас
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1 глас
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