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1884 превода, 1 транслитерация, получил/а 5239 благодарности, изпълнил/а 614 заявки помогнал/а на 239 потребители, направил/а транскрипция на 15 песни, добавил/а 157 идиома, обяснил/а 179 идиома, написал/а 125 коментара

Music is the only time machine we have now. It's strong enough to remind us why we did what we did.


I love spending my time on writing poems and listening to old rock or classic songs and music themes. I love watching sarcastic sketches, most of which depict our everyday life and motivate the person to question the current reality.

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I'm a person who seeks for the truth searching through the motivating songs and some unreleased or censored documents. I always believe that we're watching the repeating of the history, because we have forgotten it. Besides, Socrates once said: "People who forget its own history, is condemned to repeat it.

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1884 превода, публикувани от Smokey Meydan, 1 транслитерация, публикувана от Smokey MeydanДетайлиВсички преводи

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Giorgos DalarasΜάνα μου Ελλάς (Mana mou Ellas) гръцки → френски
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