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Spokojná- vivita y coleando


So far, I´ve been interested in many things...I like everything related to music and almost all of its genres- I like listening to it, dancing, I especially love translating the Spanish songs to my maternal language, Slovak. In fact, the lyrics of the song is one of my crucial elements ath the time of choosing the song- the ideal situation is when there is a symbiosis of a meaningful, interesting lyrics with a message or a new musical idea or inventive rhytm and inspiring melody. I also do like reading books /Jorge Bucay, Julia Navarro, Luz Gabás, Antonia J. Corrales, Zafón/, knitting /in winter time/, travelling and colouring mandalas. I like discovering new people, cultures and I am open to everything new and unknown... :-) :-)

За мен

I am a Slovak girl born in Slovakia, but with a southern soul of Spain and Italy. I´m an optimist, positive, communicative and open person that likes travelling /because it helps me to be more tolerant/, knowing new people, culture and cousine. I like working with the languages and translation, basically with the word itself, it´s very enjoying and reaxing activity for me. Doing this, I feel fullfiled and happy like a child playing his favourite game. The language I like the most is Spanish, that I´ve been studying for almost 12 years and for which I´ve fallen even more after living in Spain for two years. I am sure that- and I truly do believe it- that in the future it can turn into my official occupation and I will gain with it for mine own living. That could be the best that could happen to me...

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