Đorđe Balašević - Tvoj Neko (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Your Someone

In one of those pubs with plaid tablecloths and non baptized wine
I almost got finished by violin of the Potiska waifs
The song was about the sunflower... Really sad
Only, it's rear known here.
Little sunflower... Beautiful fulminant flower
Because of who the Sun from the sky came down on ground
To find out why in shade he head turns
To find out to who is he revenging, when he's not looking after him like all other sunflowers?
My little moody... Let the things that happend, don't be vengeful
To go round the world is because of this exciting... Because of coming back here...
Arise that beautiful head... At least look at me...
In that little tear which shines a hundred of miracles can be seen
Your happiness is your thing
But your sadness... That's another story... On my account it goes...
Once you touch shling in woman
And the whole century you dream about wild strawberries
Because of her rimes get unpaired and destroyed
And all of them would like to adjust to her
It's easy when someone doesn't even start loving you
Then only the dark side of the heart hurts
It's hard when for someone who's your one and only one you become a grain of salt
It's hard when Your Someone stops loving you...
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This is one of the hardest songs for translating. Djordje Balasevic uses a lot of old words and frases. It was hard, but i made it, somehow. Regular smile


Tvoj Neko

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