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  • Wasted: Fast fashion is fueling our ecological crisis

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Wasted: Fast fashion is fueling our ecological crisis текст на песен

Stitched up, boxed up, shipped in, dropped off, tried on
Life moves fast, fashion moves faster
At the beginning of this century we bought
almost half as much and kept clothes for twice as long
15 years later we bought 60% more and
kept them for half the time
Every second a garbage truck of textiles
is exiled to landfill or incinerated
Once the trend passes clothes are thrown or burnt in masses
Fast fashion is unjust, forced labor for profits fast fashion is
A pollutant impacting our land, our rivers, our seas,
the very air we breathe
We need circular Industries,
where old looks are made new less, packaging more reuse, threads that last
To beat pollution we need to work together and fast


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