On the verge of

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On the verge of (Английски) — If you are 'on the verge of doing/experience something', it means that you are almost doing or experiencing something.

Example: "After her boss discovered she was the one who stole the money, Mary was on the verge of being fired".

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"On the verge of" в текстове на песни

I'm sure she has to be from elsewhere

She has this way of not saying anything
That speaks on the verge of memories
This way of walking across
When she goes to the butcher

Pierre Bachelet - She has to be from some other place

You're crushing me like a poster on the wall
I'm filing a claim
It's certain I will pay
It was on the verge of
Costing me all my arm
All my arm

BB Brunes - Assault And Battery

Your body
is pure adrenaline the traps me inside!
You've got me on the verge of going crazy!
Raise the adrenaline!

Wisin - Adrenaline

You're sad again
Thoughts are messing your head, you're sighing
Are you on the verge of exhaustion
Why do you close your eyes against this cruel pain?

Ajda Pekkan - I will burn and pass it by

The name I loved
Became too distant as I went out to call it
[Onew] I now write that name down
I'm on the verge of tears
I want to hide within myself
Remember that day now

SHINee - The Name I Loved

I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly
Oh I believe I can fly

See, I was on the verge of breaking down
Sometimes the silence can seem so loud
There are miracles in life I must achieve

R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly

Jacob the jeweler, baubles, Lorraine Schwartz sorta dude
It's big balling baby when I'm courting you
I'm talking spy bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg
And rumors you on the verge of a new merge
'Cause that rock on ya finger is like a tumor
You can't fit ya hand in ya new purse

Beyoncé - Upgrade U

Innocent, powerless in a lawsuit,
on the verge of loosing the woman I love the most
because of people's infamy.
I plead innocent!

Romeo Santos - Inocent

that can keep you up there
Here the night is dark
and there's only you
You live on the verge of falling
and you smoke your Lucky Strikes
and you realize

Vasco Rossi - Angels

I do not accept this to be your last goodbye
I am on the verge of dying full with pain
It hurts loosing you, my love.

Frankie J - Pensando En Ti

You keep praying to your gods
And these gods always forgive you everything

On the verge of skyscrapers and luxurious villas
I see a glaring light shining out of their windows
O' I wish I had just for once the forces

Neschastniy Sluchay - Generals of the sand quarries

I am on my knees, my heart is broken
Today I want to beg you and shout "come back"
Love is telling you, my love, to come back, please
Cause I am a heart on the verge of dying..

Thalía - A sentenced heart

sadness that excited,
Pain enjoyed as flamenco singers and tango singers.

Madrid, where Lupe is always on the verge of thought but never falls,
Miami is the bridge that connects Latinos with the Saxons,
the Sonoran Desert where I met Eric Fromm saying that Suzuki was a Zen Buddhist

Facundo Cabral - You're not depressed, you're distracted

If I see you every time I wake
Ah, too much fire to walk
Asking for battle
And I'm on the verge of exploding
Where are you?
Just give me a little bit more of that honey that poisons me

David Bisbal - Hear the boom

because you had no one to give them to.

[ Chorus ]
On the verge of disaster
you give me the kiss of life
and I follow you where you go my love.

Elena Paparizou - The kiss of life

you are not the person that I thought, that I believed, that I lost

I am better without you
you came back when I was at the point of forgetting you (or you can say on the verge of forgetting you)
find your way somewhere else
while I look for the time I lost

Camila - You Lie

Let's put that I speak about Madrid.

The sun is a butane stove,
life’s a metro on the verge of leaving,
there’s a syringe in the sink…
Let's put that I speak about Madrid.

Joaquin Sabina - Let's put that I speak about Madrid.

You extrañor so much that I cannot breathe AND the life escapes himself me if not these I need you to be able
to continue Therefore me enseñaste with your wings to fly

And when I am again on the verge of falling AND the desire of living abandons myself When all collapses before
my feet you Appear tú and I dwell for living Appear tú and I dwell for living

Conjunto Primavera - Hoy Como Ayer

Looking for the way out
I stumbled upon your smile
On the verge of leaving
You came to rescue me

Pablo Alborán - Becoming Dehydrated

Whatever I do is for us, for love.
If you dont understand who I am, or what I do,
Don't understand the pain and the tears of the clown.
The world is on the verge of decomposition,
Transforms a brother of mine in an unhappy vermin.
And my mom said:

Racionais MC’s - Jesus Cried

[chorus - Sarah Riani]
Even if the world starts to revolve in reverse
If I am on the verge of death at every second
Even if the tears will never manage to forget
From wound to wound

- From wound to wound

I have no time I have no time to clash with you guys, just let me go
I got the slab of a guy from back home, sometimes I'm completely unmanageable
I'm in the studio and nothing but the sound engineer complains
Big Black is on the verge of breaking everything


Black M - Qataris

For those days full of dreams
For the smiles that will never come back
For that kiss that was on the verge of killing
Let us be sane for a moment
For the memories

Reik - With (our) faces upward

Feel I'm on the verge of some greath thruth
Were I'm finally in my place
But I'm thumbling still for proof
And it's cluttering my space
Casting shadows on my face
I know I have a strength to move ahead

Alexi Murdoch - Wait

I made an S.O.S
Of my loneliness
Because in this darkness
I'm almost on the verge of death

Only God knows my agony

Cesária Évora - Torture

In the great gallery of my evolution
Some think I came out of a jar
But I'm a butterfly - fatal carelessness
A butterfly lost amongst the lions

Pinned to a wall, labeled

- Natural Story

As this is love

Hearts are rekindled
On the verge of hate
As this is love...

Lara Fabian - As This Is Love

Edging the edge and we’re touching the sky tonight
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives

Owl City - Verge

When you find and never want to let go.
Fragmented loves that you throw away.
How many loves, how many loves:
Loves on the verge of madness
And when you don't let go any more.
Fragmented loves that you throw away.

Toto Cutugno - Loves

without saying a word to anyone

And are you tired of your problems with the boss
are you on the verge of going insane
i wonder how it would be
and just turn around and let the train go

Rasmus Seebach - The other side

A body like yours (a body like yours)
Oughta be in jail (oughta be in jail)
Cause it's on the verge of bein obscene
(Cause it's on the verge of bein obscene)

Move over baby (move over baby)

Prince - Little Red Corvette

wonder if there's the moonlight, the yellow traffic light is on the verge of changing,
when it changes to the excessively long red light, without fail we share a kiss

You always walk on my left side, putting your small hand in my pocket
And the warmth of our fingertips that touch in this way
It can't be enough to connect us together

Hata Motohiro - The things that connect us

He doesn't even know the way to go
Without someone else pointing it out
He's on the verge of never knowing who he really is
Will he one day understand
That he has been hiding from the truth

Los Hermanos (Brazil) - A weird guy

I want to be your mate, in your unforgettable summer,
to taste my tear, while you are leaving me my love,
Like a wave get drunk my desire (lust), in my magical rocking ( back and forth)
And on the verge of your rapture say, that you love me a hundred times

Despina Vandi - I want

But once you were the one to whom I gave my life to
And to whom I became faithful
I've slept with you, I woke up with you
Now I'm on the verge of insanity


Slavica Ćukteraš - Monastery

I am on my knees, my soul is broken
Today I want to beg you and shout "come back"
Love is telling you, my love, to come back, please
Cause I am a soul on the verge of dying..


Thalía - a sentenced soul

Until my death, and even after it
But don't be too hard on me
You know it well, the azure
Often brings me on the verge of an attack
You'd like to fly away
Miles away, to soar into phosphorus

BB Brunes - Long Haul

Will never be quite able
To feel stable
That woman-child falling inside
Was on the verge of fading
Thankfully I
Woke up in time

Mariah Carey - Close My Eyes

It's raining frogs, it's hailing lightnings
Earth starts quaking
I slop my salt and there are only bones in the fish
And I am on the verge of jumping out the window
But I am what I am a branded kid
My shoes are light as a child's play

Marteria - New Nikes

Today destiny distances us
I no longer see the shore
And love is on the verge of a shipwreck
Lost in the middle of the sea

Demis Roussos - Destiny

I'm coming back to you

After so much walking
After being on the verge of giving up
These same tired feet are coming back to you
To you

Sandy (Brasil) - Tired feet

I saved my last breath for your window
To write you this song for the acoustic funeral

On the verge of a vow to kill all reason locking that door
To a nightmare within a nightmare we are bound to adore
Let the planchette in the shape of a heart glide to me

HIM - Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)

I'm just a fool in lust
Comin' to get you on the bus
It's so ironic
Exotic, on the verge of erotic
I'm hittin' switches on misses like I been fixed with hydraulics
Ma, up and down like a roller coaster

2Pac - How Do U Want It

Fuzzy faces, separate phrases
Days that did not bring any story to my lips
Not to hear more, not to see anymore
the visions on the verge of silent refuse...

The veins will be twisted in the dry spiral

Tracktor Bowling - Tired (Устала)

'Cause I know that you believe in me.
You sit across from me and look at me so intimately.
Storms of hope blow, you build them up.
We're on the verge of buildin' stairs,
So that we'll stand at the top
And look out from there...

Killerpilze - So Far So Good

Dreaming of you lately
I’ve been thinking maybe
There is something I can do
Cause I’ve been on the verge of
Running round in circles
Baby all I want is you

Taylor Swift - Cross My Heart

I went away I guess to open up some lanes
But there was no one who even knew I was going through growing pains
Hatred was flowing through my veins
On the verge of going insane
I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne
It’s like I was jealous of him cause of the attention he was gettin’

Eminem - Talkin' 2 Myself

And the security guard of Gestapo took away my security pass -
That means there is no way back!

My dear, I am on the verge of collapse!

Zimovie Zverey - The Fate of the Resident

A prospector of the beauty
I found you when I was on the verge of finding myself
Take hold of my hips, hold me,
Swear that you'll never let me go

Maria Bethânia - I Know Almost Nothing About the Sea

On and off I get on your last nerve
Then you are right on the verge of throwing me out of the house
But fortunately we are actually in harmony within
And after a short time, we both find it amusing.

The Skatoons - Totally Indifferent

I have, I do not want to damage the dignity of .
I feel helpless to debate Difficult to distinguish .
Road to stop, and so did not do so .
Always on the verge of love and pain .
How decisions should be selected.

Faye Wong - Brink of Love and Pain

We scan the comings-and-goings of the crowds, it starts with two

Above the cemeteries, the windmills and rickshaws
In the cash, in the nerves, on the verge of being all against all
In place of your heart, arming kids with Molotov spirits
Do we belong to another blank generation ?

Eiffel - In Place of My Heart

Maze...psychopathic daze...I create this waste
Back away from tangents, on the verge of drastic
ways...can't escape this place...I deny your face
Sweat gets in my eyes, I think I'm slowly dying

Slipknot - Purity

Although our city will never be destroyed by Zeus’s
decree or by the will of the blessed immortal Gods;
because of our great-hearted overseer highborn
Maiden Athena, who keeps her hands over us;
themselves rather will destroy this great city out of thoughtlessness
the citizens who prefer to go after the wealth,

Solon - Counsel to the Athenians

[Couplet 3 : Jean Dujardin, Bigflo & Oli]
So guys, tell me, a friend is what, exactly?
A kind of brother present at every moment
When, sometimes, you have nausea, on the verge of exploding
The only thing you can count on
Yeah, but I have my bed to lay that to rest

Bigflo et Oli - For a Friend

To help me get out of the shade
Stop battering me
I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown
My heart whispers to my ear
When will it subside

Kodiak - Cold

Except you feel sorry for me
You imagine you’re in love with me
Don’t worry, this is your daily game
One that is on the verge of leaving is always nervous
Two days will pass after this nervousness and I’ll be gone from your memories

Mohsen Yeganeh - Behet Ghol Midam

The memories are blown away
I find a little about myself
In this life, on these roads
It's like when on the verge of nothing
That the link comes back to me

Grégory Lemarchal - The Link

Don't look at me like I'm not here
I am still yours, I am still here
here I am on the verge of patience
I don't know where to find consolation

Sanja Maletic - Don't look at me like I'm not here

I spent the winter on the verge of a total breakdown
While living in Norway
I felt the darkness of the black metal bands
But being such fawn of a man
I didn't burn down any old churches
Just slept way too much, just slept

Of Montreal - A Sentence Of Sorts In Kongsvinger

Yet again, the Nevski Avenue chases away all desire to sleep.
At one point I'm on the verge of going insane...
I'm a subtle mouse at this carnival of the billboard lights.
You're beautifully silent, not counting money or days.

Mir Ognya - In the Rhythm of St.-Petersburg

You seem to me
Like a man
On the verge of burning
99.9 Fahrenheit degrees

Suzanne Vega - 99.9 F

Winds touching the stars
Trees are not afraid the storms
Ships raving about the ocean
On the verge of the World's Edge

Oh, my heart, why do you jumps out of my chest?

Piknik (Russia) - On the verge of the World's Edge

Reminds me of you again
I'm wearing your clothes again
I keep the curtains drawn in the daytime
Also the cat is on the verge of falling asleep
And yearning lays a mourning weed upon the field
I'm never going to get this coldness to cease

Laura Närhi - Every night

And contact me regularly
Open an eye, close an eye
No one is perfect
I’m worried you’re on the verge of falling apart
Ok? I’ll think about giving you a second chance

Jolin Tsai - Open an Eye, Close an Eye

When you had said, what you said,
I heard
a thousand doors
inexorably slamming shut in the shady corridors.
When you had said,
what you said, I saw, in the curves of crossing roads

CMX - Those on the Verge of the Sky

Ticking like a time bomb
The fuse is running short
on the verge of snapping if it's caught

And all the pressure that's been building up

Sabaton - Jawbreaker

On the verge of power

On the verge of power

Miro Jaroš - On the verge of power

It begins to shake me,
it tickles and vibrates,
On the verge of escalation,
to be therefore true.

MIA. - La Boom

Because I'm the city's bitterest man

And when you finally escape
On the verge of total collapse
Then you will be attacked by buskers and street performers
And screaming Poles selling toy elephants

Thomas Holm - The City's Bitterest Man

Pardon me while I burst

A decade ago, I never thought I would be at twenty three
On the verge of spontaneous combustion, woe is me
But I guess that it comes with the territory
An ominous landscape of never ending calamity

Incubus - Pardon Me

I´m standing on the verge of a midlife crisis.
If I could, I´d make a run for it
but my legs won´t carry,
my legs won´t carry me
and my sweetheart doesn´t believe in me any more.

Marten Kuningas - On the Way to Virtue

I'll get everything over
In the shack of my lover
On the verge of gloaming
Waiting for time when we stop roaming.

Neoclubber - In The Shack

and i never drank alcohol and i never got high
it was the end of a hundred years that took me by surprise
what i thought to be dangerous, on the verge of a smile
turning out to be nothing more than hiss and overdrive

I got you on tape - Somersault

No, no, no, no, no
There's no difference, those omissions and the sting of the past
Your indiscretion from the start determined if it would last
And now I'm standing on the verge of maybe drawing the line
And no one's gonna sleep tonight

She Wants Revenge - Save Your Soul

I wanna talk about neutrality

Sir, with Britain and France on the verge of war, is this the best time—


Hamilton (musical) - One Last Time

Tonight, I'm going out so as not to stay in once again.
I passed by and accompanied George Tsalikis.
I'm on the verge of bursting. If I want to redeem myself,
I need to spill the beans because I'm going insane.

Giorgos Tsalikis - Living for a heart issue

Drawing his bow, he takes after his target; he won’t let it escape
Releasing his arrow, he closes upon it; he won’t let it escape
He bends his bow to its limits, the string on the verge of snapping
He’ll release it, time and time again, until the target draws its last breath

Attack on Titan (OST) - Crimson Bow and Arrows

oooh, something else to believe...

You are silent for hours, I humm, and I humm
I feel on the verge of a song
I wait for the words to come when they come
lucky the road is long

Noa - Waltz To The Road

You understand what I mean
And don't you remember thinkin' back just a few years
When people used to try to help you stay together
They find out you're on the verge of breakin' up
They used to cook up a little food and throw a little party
And whisper things in your ear like

Betty Wright - After The Pain

Just leave me, let me be alone.
Loneliness is life for me,
What do you want from me, when you can see,
my eyes are on the verge of tears?

Parwas Hussein - Don't fall in love.

If it's us who the life wants

And if everyone knows that the chains are on the verge
Really on the verge of breaking down
Ahead of us ever see the doors for a world that's about to begin
Go! Let's go! Let's go! Go!

Diabo na Cruz - Luzia

(Chris Martin)
My father said never give up son
Just look how good Cassius become
Muhammad, Mahatma, and Nelson
Not scared to be strong

Coldplay - Miracles (Someone Special)

These old worn legs aren't bending
and the pain just isn't mending
hobble once and hobble twice
through this life's ordeal and vice
everyone's beating: slaves and master
daylong toil that won't go faster

Nikos Xilouris - Ballad of the Jackass

It has become difficult to love
When all love has led to disappointment
And compadres
living on the verge of extinction
and comprades, you thought you could disappoint love
Oh-oh ooh yeah

Håkan Hellström - Country club

At this time when love is so empty
There are things I don't know but I guess
A river on the verge of another river
Becomes one after the bend on the road

Camané - Longing the Future

I'm leaving after those who knew not what the word "fear" means.
Oh, aren't they with you, all the missing, lost in mountains,
Who found peace where winds dance under your palm
On the verge of bright morning?

I shall call you the Master of Mountain Roads, the clouds

Melnitsa - Master of Mountain Roads

I'm deprived of my conscience. The only thing that's left for me to do is to start cutting myself in an effort to put an end to my life.
Tonight, I'll either fall dead or go crazy.

The very thought of you is burning my mind, burning my mind, I'm on the verge of completely losing it.
How am I supposed to keep on living like this? I need you so bad.
The very thought of you is burning my mind, burning my mind, I've told you about it, texted you about it.

Petros Imvrios - Rotter

Would the scars continue to show

I'm on the verge of a breakdown

Escape the Fate - Let it go

Now we are on the verge of being discovered
For the residents It's no longer a secret
No one can stop this time bomb
Which was announced from the beginning
In your repertoire there are no more excuses
And he's consumed from within by doubts

Joel Santos - To Hell

when you knock a little boy off his feet
with your stone-hard fist?

Ripe corn on the verge of life
I chant quietly
a hymn deathly solemn

Kotiteollisuus - Deathly solemn

The issue on the table: France is on the verge of war with England, and do we provide aid and troops to our French allies or do we stay out of it? Remember, my decision on this matter is not subject to congressional approval. The only person you have to convince is me. Secretary Jefferson, you have the floor, sir


Hamilton (musical) - Cabinet Battle #2

across the trailer park
I get down
I feel had
I feel on the verge of going mad
and then it's time to punch the clock

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig in a Box

I saw the face of a boy in a magazine.
Couldn't have been older than five.
Crying all alone 'cuz his daddy died.
Caught in a place on the verge of a world war 3.
He don't ever understand why.
I wonder to myself how he's gonna survive.

Coco Lee - Music As We Make It

Without those problems
When did it change?
Admissions so embarrassing
I'm on the verge of tears again

Hold it, hold it all in

No Doubt - Comforting Lie

And we start over again,
We're not the same anymore
With fire in our veins,
We're on the verge of madness
We change

Marie-Mai - We Change

One and a half months had already passed by
Know that this is a lot of time!
To those who wait, time passes by slowly
But when I was already on the verge of disillusion and losing my hopes
Guess who showed up!
Guess who showed up in the scenery!

Zélia Duncan - Seeing the Scenery

When the world below, is cold and grey.
On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful.
At the edge of, on the verge of something wonderful.
On the verge of, on the verge of something wonderful.
A resurgence, on the edge of something wonderful

Darren Hayes - On The Verge Of Something Wonderful

How steep the fall is,
how long the way back seems.

On the verge of success
it's all white and fluffy.
Horizons are blurred,

José González - All You Deliver

Standing at the bridge of destiny
Show me a sign
On the verge of losing my sanity
Free my soul

Arch Enemy - Bridge Of Destiny

He was shouting to me, "Don't leave!"
Adult passions were flaring
on a TV in the attic.
There was a hedgehog in the fog on the verge of spring (a Soviet cartoon)
And seventeen moments of spy tribulation … (a famous Soviet movie about spies)

Undervud - I Want To Go Back To The Soviet Union Very Much

Death on my heels[fn]this is also the French title of "North by northwest"[/fn], bit between my teeth,
Don't even know what I'm expecting anymore
On the verge of technical KO
My life that's a ring, a circus
Ho, give me our holly Father

Act. - Ping pong

I know I'd never let you walk away
So why do I push you 'til you break
And why are you always on the verge of good-bye
Before I'll show you how I really feel inside

Jason Aldean - Why

And that I must start over again
Stop talking bullshit old girl
I know I bother you
but I'm not on the verge of
Becoming an angel tomorrow

Lynda Lemay - Dissapointment

He is a Devil in the flesh

We're on the verge of war
But we're no gods at all
There's no way back

Epidemia - Time of trial

Today your skin will be mine
From now on, there will be no more tears
My mouth is on the verge
of devouring you (x2)

J Álvarez - Don't hesitate

Looking for the light and the key ;

A damned descending without light,
On the verge of an abyss wich smell
Betrays the moist depth,
Of eternal rail-less stairs,

Morsüre - The Irreversible

Embrace the curse so it doesn't get worse

Contemplating everything while doing nothing
On the verge of tears just because you are somewhat in love
I don't wanna be afraid and worry in the shade about the end
When I should be out being in love

Sondre Lerche - The Curse Of Being In Love

I got you
Here I am

I couldn't overcome the wall which is called break-up,I'm in this place while I'm on the verge of tears
the winter wind is cold,my tears are cold,they come out when I think of you
Losing myself

Sunny Hill - Here I Am (Erase)

From the sidewalks van, to the brothels, to the windows
That they stop complaining, it's always me the victim
I lost a lot of ego and a bit of money
When I'm on the verge of breaking down, I tell myself that the condom too
The sluts and me, a series of dismal stories
Trust me, forget the porn movie that you got in the skull

Casseurs Flowters - The sluts and me

Never reveal what you have in your trunk to someone who has nothing of theirs
At school I was below average
I made myself work nonstop to live above average
On the verge of tears when I go to bed, at the edge of my nerves to drink litres
I'm losing my cool, I'm talking badly, I'm headed for a chaotic life
Why do they want me to have etiquette, it's weird, sort of annoying

Ladea - The Real Heroes

But that's not what I need,
That's not what I need,
It's just us, dancing on the verge of the spring;
It's just us, dancing on the verge of the spring.

Akvarium - Dancing on the verge of the spring

my love my love my love
do you hear my words, darling?

When you are lonely,tired and on the verge of crumbling
I will protect you by your side
so that you can laugh

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (OST) - I Confess

I'm on the verge of reaching the sky
I'm defying gravity
This dream is so big
That nothing will wake me up

I know that there is no fear

Soy Luna (OST) - Everything is possible

When things go bad
When things go wrong
When on the verge of letting go
There's something that I really want you to know

Coldrain - We're not alone

I want a moment for you to feel me, and you
You leave me, you escape and say that you will return all the time
My baby you know that I melt, I'm asking for a chance
I'm on the verge of going mad, you don't see that I am yours?

No woman can take away what I have said

Stan - No Woman

Well, who's this? Going for the kiss,
I'm probably gonna yosh in your mouth.
Because it's 5 past 3, I can hardly see and I'm on the verge of passing out.

The 1975 - Menswear

One joined the army, the rest are gone experiencing the world
I'm still doing the music thing, I'm rarely there
There where ablazing in the middle of nowhere,
On the verge of insanity, love is found in a disco bathroom
Night after night, skirts as scant as their brains
Move, tiger lady, make us weak beat by beat

Casper - Everything Ends (But Music Doesn't)

Fuck it, I've done enough in this rap shit
Recovery brought me nothin' but back
To where I was and perhaps
This coulda been my victory lap if I wasn't on the verge of Relapse

[Chorus: The Cranberries]

Eminem - In Your Head

My god, I'm scared of a hedgehog!
You're faster than a villainous ball and think yourself worthy
But who botches his games to finish them on time?
Care for the rainfall, you're on the verge of the chasm.
If you need help, SONIC RAINBOOM! I leave you my '06! (3)

123Lunatic - Sonic vs Rainbow Dash - Epic Pixel Battle #13

And possessing a vocabulary substantially less robust than impromptu visitors replied, “Say what?”

“Seek we sanctuary!” They implore on the verge of hysteria, “Lest we fall forthwith to the ravenous appetency of yonder approaching carnivore!” Still confounded by their importunate words, Pig three did render ajar his portal whereupon one and two spilled through and collapse beyond the threshold, enervated.

“Y’all just wanted to come in? You could’a said that.”

John Branyan - The Three Little Pigs

[Verse 2]
People keep saying that I'm overdramatic
And everything is actually okay
But I'm living on the verge of a panic
And I gotta find a way to break

Bea Miller - Repercussions

I'm sure
A new journey will be starting

I was on the verge of blindness
Forever forever

Miyako Hasegawa - Sea Sky Universe

The truth is I've just fed myself a lie for too long
I never thought this would be me

But now I'm on the verge of self destruction
How could this happen to me?
I've never been the type to run from anything, run from anything

Memphis May Fire - Vices

I have started towards my death now (x3)

I am on the verge of breaking, I sent a telegram
Musical instruments won’t play after that
I will have to get up in the middle parties

Amrinder Gill - jind

Won't whistle for any minors
But that's just obscene
There ain't that many such rear fouls[fn]"takalaiton" means out of the park foul ball. In "pesäpallo" (Finnish, even lamer version of baseball) you don't get homerun hits. If you hit the ball too far it gets ruled a foul ball.[/fn] around
Back's been on the verge of breaking the whole night
Those jeans may rip but I'm still not gonna flip

JVG - Funky Badonk

Pardon is thine for the eternal pain
That on the ambitious hearts for ever lies,
Whom far from us the radiant smile could gain,
Seen dimly on the verge of other skies;
Pardon is thine for the eternal pain!

Charles Baudelaire - Lesbos

The name I loved
Became too distant as I went out to call it
[Onew] I now write that name down
I'm on the verge of tears
I want to hide within myself
Remember that day now

Onew - The Name I Loved

If your waist line is a'surgin'
And in need of some reversion
And your overall weight dispersion's
Gettin' on the verge of perversion
I'm encouraging an excursion
To go searchin' for a surgeon

Da Vinci's Notebook - Liposuction

I left and now you can't get me back.

You say that I look for you now that we're apart,
that I'm on the verge of getting crazy due to the sadness.
You say that I still look for one of your hugs
and that I spend the nights hidden on your stairs.

Efi Xatzi - That's what you think

in icey horizons it let's me gaze.

Icey mountains sleep in my view,
on the verge of deep forests I stand.
The frosty singing of the naked wind,
is everything I ever heard.

Nargaroth - The Old Warrior's Peace Of Mind

When its name is called in school or in life…
No one can say “here”…But neither “away”…
It began on the verge of sleep…
As if a dust shadow, first; then, a ball of yarn.
But now, it clearly sees the spider web as clearly as day.

Özdemir Asaf - Loneliness

A new perception of self
The silence as a requiem for the absurd
A disillusioned mind overcome by chaos
On the verge of total breakdown
My very existence revolves around distorted compositions and false judgement
You all mean nothing to me

Apophys - Requiem for the Absurd

Yesterday, she was dumped by
her boyfriend whom she loved
Right now, I’m on my way to
comfort that girl on the verge of tears
But I can’t help my heart
for secretly growing happy

SHINee - One for me

I was drinking my coffee alone
I was living moments of despair
moments of great distress
I was on the verge of madness
Nobody was thinking of me
and suddenly the doorbell rang

Theodosis Kotsis - I don't believe it

Hated, condemned, idolized
We were never at church choir
We were not really angels
But now we are on the verge of it
We got a good wire up
We are God's right hand

Böhse Onkelz - Hated, condemned, idolized

Wanna love me touch me hug me hurry up
Love me touch me hug me hurry up

Hurry up I’m on the verge of breaking down
I call for you, i call for you woo babe
a red fire is glimmering

Cosmic Girls - Robot

As you turned around to my voice calling your name,
I was gazing at you, not even aware of the end of summer.

To me, who back then was weak, strange, and on the verge of breaking,
you gave a pair of humble wings.
As the sun sets in the darkening sky, I search for a faint light.

Motohiro Hata - Altair

growing stronger as he grew into a man,
his feet . . . oh, how he used to run to me,
seeking assurance of his mother's love.
His face was handsome, on the verge of manhood. 1670
See the soft down still resting on these lips,
which have kissed me thousands of times or more.

Euripides - (9) The Bacchae (Conclusion and Coda)

has changed and we have learned nothing.

I really fear for myself and for my species, because
I see it endangered and on the verge of an announced extinction.
I'm really willing to die convinced of my ideas,
because I am a free madman.

Jesús Quintero - Because of fear

The whole city hears us, the villages will hear us as well if you go on shouting that way
Like a bankrupt merchant on the verge of selling his heart
You're searching the seed of quarrel, you plant it in our house
You add tears so that they give roots to it and you let it grow

Francisca - With Your Fists Against Your Chest

Oh no, don't give up my heart! This is a dagger wound
This is like the centuries-old dreg, like the scent of the rain
Like blood, like it is on the verge of bleeding

Don't give up my heart! this is a love song

Hüsnü Arkan - Empty Table

Tell me what option seems better, which one I'm out of all

It's so sad to see how I lost clarity
So sad being on the verge of loving and drowning my faith

I'm dying away without your love

Aleks Syntek - Maze

To those you love
The very absence
Seems so far
On the verge of tears
After the sorrow
I tell you "I love you"

Nana Mouskouri - When you return

Just don't cry and pay your fees.

Always a noose around my neck.
On the verge of madness.
Always a noose around my neck.
I will never live on my knees.

Obey the Brave - Times are hard

I'm on the verge of collapse
I'm on the brink of disaster
And I'm far more lost than
I want to admit

I'm at the end of my rope

Assemblage 23 - Collapse

the less I do the more it makes no sense

I'm walking pollution who's drained by delusions
on the verge of destruction I cave in to abduction
thin blood I'm bleeding my pulse won't stop racing
just as my heart explodes

Sum 41 - Angels With Dirty Faces

That it won't hurt anymore
And never ever start again
That I won't have to see this image again
I'm on the verge of surrendering
As everything goes up in smoke
No strength to bend the grating

Söhne Mannheims - The Last Time

Enough! enough! enough!
Somehow I have been stunn'd. Stand back!
Give me a little time beyond my cuff'd head, slumbers, dreams, gaping,
I discover myself on the verge of a usual mistake.

That I could forget the mockers and insults!

Walt Whitman - Song Of Myself, XXXVIII

Counting hours, counting scars
Waiting, wishing, wanting it to END

You're on the verge of death
Staring me into my eyes

Die/May - Deus

I live an agony in despair
With the intention of winning the battle
And even on the verge of fainting
I must believe, grow to punishment

Malú - Only love will save us

We run, we fly a thorny path
To the crossroads of the ages!
Through pain, bypassing crosses on the road,
We, on the verge of life and dreams!

The ray is not the track!

Arkona - Reality

Hold on to me tight, yeah
And if you feel any pressure, that's alright, alright
There's a leak in your Levi, it's on the verge of caving in
But I'm prepared if it breaks, baby, so whenever you feel it coming, don't fight

Chris Brown - Covered In You

I'd like to be a princess on a throne
To have a country I can call my own
And a king
Who's lusty and requires a fling
With a female thing

Falsettos (Musical) - I'm Breaking Down

because if this is love ... I do not want it!

There is a crystal prison that I want to run away from,
a volcano erupting on the verge of exploding,
an incandescent rain that does not burn.
Today I leave the trail of my steps not to return,

Pastora Soler - The world in my hands

I'll tear out Moon's heart,
To take hold of her soul,
I'll become Wolf Moon
On the verge of night and spring.

I'll tear you

Melnitsa - Wolf Moon

Sunny or rain or warm sad and happy
Passing thousands of flavors
Sweet, but ultimately not.
Still on the verge of pain

My sugar baby, my sugar baby is you

Super Girls - Henceforth

I believe I can touch the sky

See I was on the verge of breakin' down

Paint they own pictures, then they crop me in

Glee Cast - Fly/I Believe I Can Fly

Because I make things hard and you're just trying to help
I got no gas (no gas)
I'm winding out my gears
This is one more day on the verge of tears
And now my head hurts (head hurts)
And my health is a joke

Brand New - Failure by Design

Lullaby, baby,
close your eyes serenely,
don’t be afraid, because
I’ll always be next to you.

When you wake up

Oblivion - Lullaby on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Every time I see myself
I can't seem to find an answer
The lonliness that I once felt
Gets me on the verge of falling

There's nothing that can change the way I feel

Yohio - On the Verge

I'm on the verge of giving up
Right on the edge just doing it
Wishing someone'd give me the answers
I'm gonna lose my fucking mind
Working so you could like this rhythm
Sing songs that make you wanna dance

Mystery Skulls - Get It Together