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Viikonloppu jokainen (превод на английски)


Viikonloppu jokainen

Silmiisi mä ihastuin
Kun ensi kertaa näin
Sut jukeboxin vieressä
Seisoit allapäin
Et mua huomannut
Kun katseeni mä käänsin
Mut tajusin että sinuun
Silloin rakastuin
Näin kuluu viikonloppu jokainen
Kunnes nimesi tietää saan
En pysty öisin enää nukkumaan
Sut täytyy nähdä uudestaan
Pyysin sinut tanssimaan
Ja suostuit lähtemään
Vain pieni hetki lähekkäin
Ja syttyi meidän tunteet
Silmissäni sinut näin
Kun oltais kahden vain
Mä huumannuin sun tuoksusta
Ja leijuin ylöspäin
Публикувано от WindyNebulaWindyNebula в(ъв)/на 2022-08-11
превод на английскианглийски
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Every weekend

I fell in love with your eyes
The first time I saw
You next to the jukebox
Standing feeling blue
You didn't notice me
When I turned my gaze
But I realized that then
I fell in love with you
So I spend every weekend
Until I get to know your name
I can't sleep at night anymore
I have to see you again
I asked you to dance
And you agreed to go
Only a small moment near
And our emotions lit up
In your eyes I saw
As if we were alone
Dazed from your scent
I floated upwards
Публикувано от WindyNebulaWindyNebula в(ъв)/на 2022-08-11

The first line, "silmiisi mä ihastuin", and the eighth line, "silloin rakastuin", I translated both with "fell in love with", although the first line uses the word "ihastuin", which doesn't necessarily mean "falling in love". You can translate "ihastua" "getting a crush on" or "be delighted by" or "be pleased with", so it was tricky choosing what word to translate it to because the Finnish lines imply romantic interest first, then falls in real love later. I went with "fell in love with" because it implies romantic interest, even if it adds repetition when the same word is used again a few lines later.

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