Viimane etapp (превод на Английски)


Viimane etapp

töö ei austan’d tegijat
põrgumasin isandat
tobe juhtum sandistas
käe tal randmest poolitas
poissi teadis iga tohter
enda järjekordne ohver
püromaanist patsient
osakonna püsiklient
teine kord
kolmas kord
neljas kord
viies kord
igavus ju tapab ära
toogem palatisse sära
pommimeistri voodi me
autoks ära tuunime
ja kui lõppen’d suur visiit
ralli alata võib siin
juhiks naaberpatsient
käigukangiks poisi könt
teine käik
kolmas käik
neljas käik
viies käik
pakitud on haiglakohver
voodi serval ootab sohver
tühjaks tõstetud on kapp
jäänud viimane etapp
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превод на Английски

The Last Stage

Work didn't respect the worker1,
hell machine [didn't respect] its master
Dumb incident turned [him] into a cripple,
halved his arm throught the wrist
Every doctor knew the boy,
another victim of himself
a pyromaniacal patient,
the frequenter2 of the department
The second time
The third time
The fourth time
The fifth time
Boredom really kills
Let's bring some brightness to the ward
We'll pimp the bomb-craftsman's bed into a ride
And when the great visitation has ended
A rally can start here
The neighboring patient for a driver,
the boy's stump for a gear stick
The second gear3
The third gear
The fourth gear
The fifth gear
The hospital-bag has been packed
By the bed a driver waits
The cupboard has been emptied
The last phase/stage is ahead
  • 1. the positive "Töö kiidab (praises) tegijat" is a proverb
  • 2. frequent visitor, habitual client
  • 3. also "visit"
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