Violeta Parra - Volver a los Diecisiete (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Returning to seventeen

Returning to seventeen
After a century of living
Is like deciphering signs
without wisdom or competence,
to be all of a sudden
as fragile as a second,
to find a deep feeling
like a child in front of God,
that is what I feel
in this fecund instant.
Entangling, entangling it moves,
like the ivy on the wall,
and so it flowers, and it grows,
like tiny moss on the stone.
Oh yes oh yes
My steps is backward
while yours keep advancing,
the arch of alliances
has penetrated my nest,
with all of its wide palette
it has walked through my veins
and even the hard chains
with which destiny chains us
is like a fine diamond
that lightens my serene soul.
What feelings can grasp
knowledge cannot understand,
not even the clearest move
not even the widest thought,
the moment changes everything
the condescending magician,
separates us sweetly
from rancor and violence,
only love with its science
makes us innocent.
Love is a whirlwind
of original purity,
even the fierce animal
whispers its sweet trill,
stops the pilgrims,
and liberates the prisoners,
love with its best efforts
turns the old into a child
and only affection
can turn the bad pure and sincere.
The fully open window
opened by pure enchantment
love entered with its blanket
like a lukewarm morning,
the melody of its beautiful Diana
prompted the flowering of jasmine,
flying like a seraphim
placed earrings in the sky
and my years in seventeen
cherub did convert.
Пуснато от patricia Dixon в Съб, 28/08/2010 - 20:05
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A beautiful song with a deep message.
I welcome suggestions from those who translate poetry.
Patricia Dixon


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david.reece.545    Пет, 08/02/2013 - 11:45

Thank you for appreciating this wonderful song. However, your translation is really poor: was it done by computer? I know a bit of Spanish but wanted to understand more of this song, and even I can see things that are missing from your translation. For example, line 7 means something like "going back to feeling deeply": your translation missed the whole point that the poet is returning to the way she once was...