Nancy Ajram - Wana Been Ideek (وانا بين ايديك) (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

In Your Arms

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When I'm in your arms, what could I need?
Is there anything great than this?
Never did I dream that one day I would live life like this
Everything that has passed has passed
And we can't bring it back
Let's focus more on what's next
There's no more time to waste
I won't waste my life again
Even every second will go to use
I won't think about what's past
My life is just beginning
It's enough that I've ended up with you
And with you I will live my life and complete it
Пуснато от XNancyMX в Пон, 24/08/2009 - 19:59

Wana Been Ideek (وانا بين ايديك)

ErosFan    Четв, 05/08/2010 - 23:15

Good translation, I just have few comments:
1-"Is there anything great than this" There is a grammatical mistake here. It is to be said "Is there anything greater that this"
2-"It's enough that I've ended up with you" Here, Americans would take it like it is something bad that she is with him, so it is better to be said "Just being with you is more than enough"
3-"Everything that has passed has passed" It can't be said like this. It is to be said "My past life is gone, we can't bring it back"
4-please repeat the choir whenever it is repeated. Non-native speaker of Arabic will get confused when it is not written exactly as it is repeated in the song
Please, do not get annoyed by my comment, I am just trying to explain my point
Hard work you've done,though Regular smile