Wo gehst Du hin (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Where Do You Go

You've been fighting for your welfare,
So much achieved, so much lost.
Without footing, always straight ahead,
Single combat, always on your own.
You still believe everything is going to plan,
Calculated all, not afraid of a plunge.
And if you were wrong?
If everything will be different in the end?
Where do you go
When your world is on fire?
Does anyone reach out for your hand,
Or do you stay behind alone?
What will you take with you
When the time has come?
Will anything of value be left
When everything that you had lies in ruins?
Belongings maximized,
Never enough consumed.
It is looming,
It is brewing up,
Time is short,
It won't be long.
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Wo gehst Du hin

Metallspürhunde: Топ 3
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