Trackshittaz - Woki mit deim Popo (превод на Английски)

превод на Английски

Shake your bottom

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We are ready. Bling has 24 carat. Our beer got one - two degrees
Dialect yeah, we both are stars, looting bars, we are ready
And everybody is screaming “heya heya hey”
We are party indians, wear feathers on our heads
And now get those pots out [it’s a pun – pots can also mean boobs in Austrian dialect)
The noodle-soup-gang is coming [well you can imagine the meaning behind that]
broads yay, didn’t see such rejoicings and embraces for quite some time
And they dance and they shake, at the poles and the ceiling
I am under a charm, broad, look how she moves, uh huh
Come on shake your bottom.
That’s the way I like it.
Shake your bottom.
Cause what I want is you.
And I enter the club, all the ladies got decent jewellery
But it’s at a place where you don’t expect it to be first
I just look at her; she’s dancing at the stripping pole
I’m ready, dude a bunch of women; I don’t miss out on anything
Noodle-soup-gang, what’s up and everybody’s screaming, ho ho
And the broads are dancing and they just go low, low
She wraps me around her finger, she wants a winner, winner
And then she can jump, booty-shake, naughty finger (pun again – it’s a rhyme meaning as much as “bad guy”)
Your bottom got feelings; your bottom is a part of you
Don’t put him on the chairs; your bottom has an opinion
Your bottom wants to move, therefore shake, shake, shake
Your bottom wants to move, so give him what he needs
Your bottom doesn’t get tired, your bottom tells something about you
Come shake him, he wants it wild, so the whole house starts to vibrate
Your bottom must be ready, therefore shake, shake, shake
Your bottom must be ready, come on give him what he needs.
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Woki mit deim Popo

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