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What Can I Say

Oh what shall I tell a mother who wanders the darkened hall
Where once played her most endeared possession in this world
Created from her flesh and blood and time and toils
Now lain in gallant splendor beneath a blanket of green
Or a wife who lays prostrate upon a grave, weeping endlessly
Shall I speak noble words to children whose father is now but a cold remnant of the earth
What great words of patriotic duty will quell the sorrow and the horror
What comfort does it bring, held in my arms and hear their final struggles of breath
Their life's blood ebbing from its confines within and without
Could men ever know that no one ever truly wins this fight
That individuals sacrifice in earnest what nations represent as valor and right
In a land afar that is unknown, a land where ignorance is the fault of pride
Where men of the same will to live dwell and have lost their world, their way
The barbarism of men is an unquenchable demon that thrives on any life
Everywhere in the world in the milieu of meek and oppressed peoples
Where men have lost their way of what is right and just
They have taken what others should have because of their blindness and avarice
There is those that spout and spew that wars should be outlawed
They are the cowards that stand unto themselves alone
In a fool's paradise where no one will go to take away their hallowed ground
So then righteous men who know what must be in the world
To keep their families, friends, and all who are like them safe
So must we fight in ceaseless conflicts and give the ultimate belief of our mortality
With wandering thoughts and lifelong scars, borne in silence
Alive and always aware, keeping their memory, and in their unredeemable debt
Oh what shall I tell a mother who wanders the darkened hall
What can I say...what can I say
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