Ya Raitesh Al Warda (превод на Английски)


Ya Raitesh Al Warda

يا ريتش الوردة
يا ريتش الوردة
وأشلّ صيبش
وإذا نويت العيب
ألله يصيبش
يا قلب يسلى
والعمر بيخلص
غنّي ودقّ
قام الحبيب يرقص
حُبيبي والحب
عادة الناس
لا قد قُتل مقتول
ولا قُطع رأس
والصبر يا قلبي
لك الجنابي
ما أدراك, يا قلبي
وجائك نابي
أدخل من الطاقة
وغلّق الباب
من الحسد, لا
يحسدوك الأحباب
Пуснато от KasiaTilde в Пет, 19/10/2018 - 19:46
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превод на Английски (poetic)

I Wish You Were A Rose

I wish you were a rose
I wish you were a rose
And I could take away your thorns
And if you intended to deceive,
May God bring you misfortune
My heart, forget
And life will come to an end
Sing and play,
The lover has risen to dance
My lover and love is
The tradition of people
No one has yet been killed
And no one beheaded
An patience, my heart
The foreigner is for you
How did you know, my heart
You would receive a reply
Come in through the window
And lock the door
From envy
So that loved ones won’t envy you
Пуснато от KasiaTilde в Пет, 19/10/2018 - 19:52
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