Yedi Kule (превод на Английски)

Ладински (Ибероромански)

Yedi Kule

Yedi Kule berax en paseando
De altas muralyas saradeado
En la prisyon estoy por ti atado
En el budrum lyoro desmasalado
Me kitaron la luz, estoy sufriendo
I la muerte benir, ninya estoy biendo
Yo estoy en la prisyon, tu en las flores
Sufro de korazon, kiero ke lyorex
Por el Yedi Kule ben paseando
Mira en ke hali yo estoy pasando
Fostaniko preto kale azerte
I a la khila etxar azeyte
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Lyrics are transcribed by Riccardo Venturi.

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превод на Английски

Yedi Kule

If you pass by Yedi Kule you will see the prison,
surrounded by multiple tall walls.
There you will find me -because of you- tied
and in the cell I am mourning hopelessly.
They deprived me of light, my life has been unbearable,
I see death in person -my dear- across from me.
I am in prison, you among the flowers
I suffer in my heart, I want you to cry
Come, walk by the Yedí Kule
See the misery I have to endure
Let a black dress be made for you
and make an offering of oil in the synagogue.
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