Yolcu (превод на Английски)



The passenger, that coming world through a mother
Have you given your heart to the world when you have a look?
Some are big some insect, some slave
Have you ever wondered and ask any of them?
why all these have you ever questioned the reason?
Human dies, not the soul
In all these creatures, none of them happy
The tortures of hell is tough to bear
Have you seen the animals that in suffer?
The ones coming from human become humans
The ones coming from animals become animals
All of them come this world
It is the main right, have you learned this secret?
Before completing your time and expiring you life
Before the depository take his deposit back
Before the rose of your life's garden
Did you go to a beloved and confessed
Did you go to a beloved and became her servant
We scream as the poor nightingale
We are offended grieves in the palms of ignorant
We are always passengers, came as it is and will go as it is.
Is the earth your fatherland or country?
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