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[Chorus: Orelsan]
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
[Verse 1: Orelsan]
I'm fucking your chick and making pasta
To get out faster, I don't even respect the cooking time
Under pressure, always on mission
I didn't do anything about my ambitions
I want to hurt, do something viral
Basically, I want to do like the guys who invented AIDS
I never want to make the same mistakes again
Haunted in the past, eager to have Alzheimer
I used to be bad,' sky in the cups
Half a bottle before I go to work
All those bastards at my side
Sexual terrorists, they just want to blow themselves up
Your life is shit, whose fault is it?
You're in another man's life movie
You don't assume, you're criticizing what you like
How many times are you gonna say I died before I came back?
You rap like white high guys
Why do you rap like a white high guy ?
You took the codes from a music and you're applying it stupidly
As we move forward
You can find me in the streets of Caen
With a mixture where everyone drank from it
Between two worlds in suspension
It's criminal, the way I kill time
Nekfeu, Orelsan, Neksan, Orelfeu
What's the best thing you ever wanted? Stars in the eyes
Yes, I grew up in the West
I have the same friends as back then, us first and fuck the rest
Yeah, I was doing that for fun at the beginning
I used to make my clips and records helter-skelter
But, as usual, there's always a guy who has rage
A business thing that will destroy the vibe
Yes, I saw fame as a mirage
One more album and I'm getting a new face
So that I can find the same feeling again
That when I was copying Dizzee's flows
[Chorus: Orelsan]
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
[Verse 2: Firewire]
End of control, I didn't have anything on me, but the cop is watching
She's cute, but she won't have Ken's cock.
I put women in a position of trust like a gay club
They want to take off the top like a cupcake
Well I never, well I never
You want my trust, it takes time, it takes time,
I built my empire with my ten fingers, my ten fingers
2017, I'm still waiting for my Dido, my Dido
It's like a gap between my era and me
Even at school, the teachers didn't understand
How I could screw up my future, I had to find my own way
I had a hard time choosing between the first three Pokemon
Some nights, I didn't know where to go
I'm not the kind to beg
Some people say,"Yes," but when I was asked:
"Ken, are you in trouble?"I used to say,"No," like Wallen
In this century, without the bank, you don't stand a chance
Might as well take a nap on the emergency lane
Life is speed, 16-bit generation
Far from cocksuckers, your MCs without inspiration
"You're under pressure when Orel invites you
Since 2011, you've been told you'd have your feat
So we're gonna fuck you right if you blowjob
And you're gonna go back to kickin' on beat type"
We may have a few seconds left to live.
You're asking me about me, but it's just a tactic
Tell me, why do people today contact each other
If it's to have sex with touchscreens?
All ungrateful, the state of the world is getting worse
Five grams in the skull is the Holy Grail.
Some crack, others hold, but it sucks, they get
Growing sorrow, but wounds get worse
Outside, it's burning, it's dirty, we think of everyone's good.
I opened my chakras, a little bit of mine in every rap, jackal
L'Entourage, Casseurs Flowters
Neksan, Orelfeu, Orelfeu, Neksan
[Chorus: Orelsan]
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
Leave me alone, I'm in my area
[Verse 3 : Dizzee Rascal]
I don’t speak French but whatever he's saying
That work a rasclart flow, I ain't playing
I met him just the other day in L.A
He told me that he had a riddim that he wanted to play
And I should listen, if it’s really something different, okay
Had a suspicion that he wouldn't just go out of his way
Must be official, I don’t really see an issue
What’s the worst that could happen?
Could be another crappy rapper talking about they're in the trap
And all that other skatty shit that they yapping
And then they turned the riddim on, it was snapping
It wasn’t lacking, had me bopping and tapping
I had to jack it, I told them I would definitely back it
I've just got to figure how to attack it
Could be an asset
Can't be just out here making a racket
For the sake of a pay packet, let’s make it a classic
It’s a dirty little beat, it reminds me of The Streets, Mike Skinner and them
I've got that old school feeling again
Two stepping in the ends, gun finger to the ceiling again
I give it a ten out of ten
Told the producer he should send me the stems
Somebody get me a pen
The beat's leng, I can’t even pretend
Give me the microphone and let me what I do best
Give me the microphone and check 1, 2, 3, test
It's all bless, say it with your chest and all the rest
I don’t rest and I’m never gonna settle for less
The success, invest in a flat in the West
Have Jess with the 32F breasts telling me she's very impressed
I digress, took a holler, I messed
But ingest so it’s jiggy I guess
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