На Паре Крыл (Na Pare Kryl) (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)


На Паре Крыл (Na Pare Kryl)

На паре крыл (И мне бы! И мне бы!)
Корабль отплыл в открытое небо.
А тень видна на рыжей равнине,
И крик винта - как скрип журавлиный,
А в небе есть и гавань, и флаги,
И штиль, и плеск, и архипелаги.
Счастливый путь, спокойного неба!
Когда-нибудь и мне бы, и мне бы! (x2)
Vladimir4757Vladimir4757 দ্বারা মঙ্গল, 19/03/2019 - 19:10 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়
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On a Pair of Wings

On a pair of wings (And I wish! And I wish!)
The plane soars higher into the sky.
And the shadow is visible along the red horizon.
And the propellers scream, 1
And in the sky is a harbor and a flag
And it is calm, and it splashes, and the archipelagos
Have a good trip in the calm sky!
Someday I wish, and I wish! (x2)
  • 1. I guess you can say they s-крик-ed….
To me, music is a form of speech, and just like speech, music should be heard to all regardless of barriers in place. So by translating you're letting other people open up to a world that is alien to them, a world where many who listen to the Russian, German and French music I listen to, is not strange or weird because they do not understand what the singer is singing. By having translations music can share cultural and political ideas, or really just ideas, around without barrier, and allow for discussion over meaning and purpose instead of trivial pursuit.
Vladimir4757Vladimir4757 দ্বারা মঙ্গল, 19/03/2019 - 19:22 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়
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Look, am I the only one thinking about BioShock Infinite and Columbia? Or is it because I binged through all three games early in February? Nice song, beautiful vocals as always, though it is kinda short. Nothing wrong with that. Leave your thoughts or suggestions for improvement. I'll do Leasure Boogie and all I have left is Vagabond and Don't Be Surprised, then that should be everything from Don't Park Cars! I deserve a medal for translating an entire album! (I kid)

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IgeethecatIgeethecat    বুধ, 20/03/2019 - 13:48

From their official site:
На паре крыл (И мне бы! И мне бы!)
Корабль отплыл в открытое небо.
—-> И мне бы (крылья)! - he wishes he would have a pair of wings

The song is an allegory - it’s about an airplane (not a ship, though he has some naval references here (гавань, флаги, штиль, etc.)), this is why the shadow видна на рыжей долине, a винт means propeller, not screw.

И крик винта - как скрип журавлиный - he is playing with words here, the common expressions are «скрип винта» и «крик журавлиный» (журавль - a type of a crane bird and their крик is not very pleasant noise)

Счастливый путь - usually we say “Счастливого пути!” - something like “Have a good trip!” / “Good luck in your journey!”