Она не такая как все (Ona ne takaya kak vse) (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

She's Not Like Everybody Else

She doesn't smoke socially, she simply doesn't smoke.
Groupies who mingle with stars at the clubs and bars
envy her, and her clean sheets.
Every day they hate her more and more.
She doesn't take selfies on the beach or in her bedroom,
She doesn't FaceBook 1, isn't glued to Instagram,
and won't dance at all, to the latest songs.
Not that she doesn't care, she simply couldn't care less.
She's not like everybody else.
She's a (butterfly) 2 flying to the moon in Spring.
She drinks tea, as (hot) 3 as a dream, on the balcony.
She dreams of a son, upon a sapphire throne.
She's defiantly old-fashioned.
In her eyes, the universe's stars burn out in blazing (glory).
Her friends laugh at her, and family doesn't understand.
But, she'll wait for the one who can change everything. A man who's wiser than an (owl) 4 and ("slower" than a snail) 5. Her heart told her that it's time to jump into the (unknown) 6,
into another person's life, with her love, without rubbing it in your face. 7 But for you, her joy seems like a sad story.
She is not like everybody else.
She's a (butterfly) flying to the moon in Spring,
She drinks tea, sweet as a dream, on the balcony.
And it is a shame the world doesn't understand at all.
She dreams of her son on a sapphire throne.
  • 1. use the social netwrork "V Kontact"
  • 2. "moth"
  • 3. "strong tea"
  • 4. "snake"
  • 5. "stupider than a pigeon"
  • 6. "hole in the sky"
  • 7. "without showing off"
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A rather pleasant Russian song.

Она не такая как все (Ona ne takaya kak vse)

"Она не такая как все..." এর আরও অনুবাদ
ইংরেজী Phil Ambro
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