024 - God bless our prophet dear (টোঙ্গান অনুবাদ)


024 - God bless our prophet dear

1. God bless our prophet dear;
May health and comfort cheer
His noble heart.
His words with fire impress
On souls that thou wilt bless
To choose in righteousness
The better part.
2. So shall thy kingdom spread,
As by thy prophets said,
From sea to sea.
Truth burns in ev’ry soul;
As one united whole,
We hasten to the goal
We long to see.
3. Oh, may thy Saints be one,
Like Father and the Son,
Nor disagree.
United heart and hand,
So may we ever stand,
A firm and valiant band
SaintMark দ্বারা সোম, 10/09/2018 - 21:15 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়
সাবমিটার এর মন্তব্য:

Text: Bernard Snow, 1822–1894, alt.
Music: Harry A. Dean, 1892–1987. © 1985 IRI

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টোঙ্গান অনুবাদ

ʻOtua Tāpuakiʻi Siʻomau Palōfita ʻOfeiná

সংস্করণ: #1#2
1. ʻOtua, tāpuakiʻi
siʻomau palōfita
Pea fiefia mo ki-
nautolu ʻOku nau
fili ki he lelei
mo e moʻoni.
2. ʻE mafola atu
ʻa Ho puleʻanga
tala ʻe he
kau palōfitá.
ʻE ʻi he tahi ki
he tahi pea te tau
mamata ki aí.
3. Ke mou taha pē ʻo ha-
ngē ko e Tamaí
mo Hono ʻAló
Pea taha ʻi he loto
maʻu ai pē, pea tuʻu
maʻu ʻo aʻu ki he
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
SilentRebel83 দ্বারা মঙ্গল, 11/09/2018 - 14:57 তারিখ সাবমিটার করা হয়
লেখকের মন্তব্য:

Fakaleá: Bernard Snow, 1822–1894
Fakatuʻungafasí: Harry A. Dean 1892–1987.
© 1985 LDS

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