Hijo de la Luna (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদইংরেজী

Hijo de la luna

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foolish the one who couldn't understand
The legend tells
that a gipsy woman
made a magic spell to the moon til the dawn
crying she ask her
when the day begin
to marry a calé (*)
You will have a dark-skinned man
the moon told her from above
but I want in exchange for it
your first son
that you had with him
the one who sacrifice her one son
for not be alone
she wouldn't love him very much
Moon want to be mother
but you don't find anyone to love
to make you a woman
tell me silver moon
what you trying to do
with a baby made of skin
Son of the moon
From a dark-skinned father, born a child
white as the spine of an ermine
with gray eyes
instead olive-colored eyes
Albino moon child
damn you
This chid is from a payo(*)
and I won't be silent
The gipsy man beleaving dishonored
He went to his wife knife in hand
whose is this child from?
you cheat me for sure
and wounding her to death
then he went to the mountain
taking the baby in his arms
and there he abandoned him
In the evenings with a full moon
it will be cause the child is good
and if the child cries
the moon will wanes
to make a cradle
and if the child cries
the moon will wanes
to make a cradle
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Hijo de la Luna

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