Mauvaise foi nocturne (ইংরেজী অনুবাদ)

ইংরেজী অনুবাদ

Mauvaise Foi Nocturne

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Yes, who is it there?
Fatal, it's Vitoo "open" me (not sure about this)
Are you ok Vitoo? You are in a strange mood. What's wrong? You have well showed (or something)
No, i am not ok.
Well tell me, come on, what's wrong? Don't make your ****...
Fatal, sit down, i need to talk to you
I passed my night with drinking
Fatal, i don't feel it, i don't know, she doubts about me
But Vitoo, stop, you know your girl loves you, your girl has said to me:
You know with Vitoo the trust reigns/rules and it''s my little ...
You don't have to be in panic i swear
Your girl is cool, your girl is ok
Vitoo, you ........., she doubts about nothing, she's very stupid
No, but what do you know
Two months ago she scared me very much
Ah well?
She checked my messages every fifteen minutes
Change your PIN-code!
She has infiltrated my answerphone
my girlfriend has become another woman yes!
But are you sure? Have you proved it three times?
She becomes strange
every night she lets me be followed by her brother Denis
who has even planned to break my face at tuesday
there does the fear come from, a real nightmare
I am really scared for here, tonight i sleep in the hotel!
She is next to the sheet, you ................... (no idea, this is slang)
All strange tricks, plans a 3, and bimbo's what!
All tall stories for your 5 a 7 ........
You have a python in ....., Vitoo, you are a good ...
I love you me
And bah then he says that!
I'm sorry
Ok, it's good like that!
This has happend about 16 times
Euh no he doesn't say that!
But I don't know if i assume to only sleep with her (and with noone else)
Ok don't lose your head
Give me the keys, tonight we are going to party
*****, i don't believe, slap me
Like she has scratched your "BM", she has burst your "BM"
She has even crapped at the bench seat of "BM"
while *****, she's mine!
I'm sorry....
But why she has busted my box (or something)
I can't
You can't tell her what?
That she was yours
Finally me, i had borrowed her, as you saw!
I didn't want to assume here to go out en 4L
Come let's go
But why?
Because she is going to reimbourse me that, it's misled
I don't know that
You have to tell here about that!
I have the puke there
And bah open the can of drink with gloves then!
I wouldn't have to be obliged to tempte the seafruits in the cocktail!
Come on tape! No tape i say you!
[Girlfriend of Vitoo] Yep 12 seconds, i am coming
Come on come on
But what have you done?
Why all this violence and no part of it that i've done?
Yes, say her!
I swear that this girl i don't know that she pisses of with me
In every case, i am not there, or well , it wasn't me
That's not true!
Because i left out my dog
Oh la la!
Your dog is already dead for 3 years, come on
Well no, because in fact she is left out because...
But close your head my boy!
and your Mere Theresa you like, be calm
You are tense like a string. Ah bust a slap what!
BM is mine!
and you didn't know it, but i have given here to my mum
so close your head as well
Your mean sluices come on, look to them for your mum
Oh...why are you beating me, but that doesnt go?
You don't have a lass, are you a ninja or what?
*****, come, i have seen them, we break up here, come VItoo
Hurry op
Give me the keys of the box
open me
look we will be safe
you know i am scared
does she do free fight or what?
she would even be able to kill me with her kisses
no but she dreams
she wants me to do the
she wants that i put the trashcans outside
but what am i doing with here!
But what do you do with her, you have seen?
But what do you do with her,
tac bang bang lève les bras lève les bras yeah yeah pump it up !
[Vitoo] Oh qu’est-ce tu fais là ? O what are you doing now?
enculer toi !
It's right, it's not me who has to support his copins
Watch out the way, the .... in the kitchen
Bah yep she pisses with the door open, she doesn;t shave her under her arms
Yep but the girls, that's also what Vitoo is worried about
Watch me with all the women that i met
i couldn't anymore
and after love is ....
i made a cross at the little arses
because it was me the .... the most ... of Panam
My ex ended up stoned, i had to call the social..
my live, it was of jumping the ... of Paris
and pee in the heap, you know it yourself a good dressed packet
but look to me now, i have raisen again my fly up trousers
sex is the only thing there is in life, Vitoo, ....
But what ...
You mean that you are more a guy and that you walk right?
Stop it!
That you stay with your self the night when she isn't there?
Yes, of course!
And your third arm?
Since when it isn't she who makes the law in your life?
Stop, what are you doing there?
Are you sure to be loyal?
Yes ofcourse!
Can i consult your mails?
And your extern harddisk?
to search your Bluetooth?
click on your mother card?
Dismantle your webcam?
To come back in your minitel?
If you're sure,
Yes bah what bah what?!
So give me your phone, we lissen your answerphone and we'll see
But stop it, you are tired you have hate,
give me my phone back, what are you doing?
i will do it for you,
Hey but stop, you cant ... people like that!
Your number my boy
Hang up, hang up!
I am going to do it for you
lacrimogène, attention !
“Ouais vous êtes bien sur le répondeur de Mika, lachez un message après le bip
sonore, parce que si vous le laissez avant, bah ça marche pas...”
“Composez votre code secret et et terminez par touze”
[Vitoo] Touze !
“Vous avez 2600 nouveaux messages, pensez à archiver ”
“Reçu hier à 22H51 : Ouais c’est Profanation Fonky, bien ou bien ?…”
“Reçu hier à 22H61 : Ouais bébé, c’est la maman de Vito, ça fait une heure, tu
me manques déjà. Tu me manques, tu me manques !
Oh là là qu’est-ce que tu m’as mis ! Vivement demain ! ,Gros bisous où tu
Oh la la, what have you send me! Greatly tomorrow! Big kisses where you know..."
So that's good? Are you ok, are you calmed down? Are you going to close your mouth?
Fatal be ready i have to talk to you
You are going to pass your life in black
Parce que je vais te crever les yeux !!!
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Mauvaise foi nocturne

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Guest    বৃহস্পতি, 03/12/2009 - 04:19

im sorry im sure who ever tried to translate this tried their best it's not correct i don't know alot of french but i know enough to know that some of these lyrics are wrong.