Blue Gillespie - Beat Oven


Beat Oven

Well I got out of work an hour early 
What do I do, nowhere to be 
It's just next door, it's not too far 
I think I'll have just one or two
I saw you standing at the bar 
A buddy from a life afar 
This was the start of journey's end 
I down a whiskey with my friend 
Ain't had enough quite yet 
I got my second wind 
I got some more left in me 
I ain't drowned up all my sins 
It's picking up it's getting good 
I think I could I think I should 
One more drink here with you 
Is one too few 
Moments pass, second glass 
I'm having fun, I hope this lasts 
I feel the monster closing in on me 
I'll have one more there's one for you 
We laugh we cry our spines unwind 
We lose the clarity of words 
We quaff another, feel the burn 
We pass the point of no return 
The ugly bargirl looks at me 
She says hey what will it be 
My eyes excel in their deceiving 
Seeing is no longer believing 
Which girl do I tell what I want to? 
I have a choice there's one in three 
I say fuck it I want a bottle 
Set it down and go away 
It's half past three on Tuesday morning 
I gave my friend a broken nose 
He tried to take that bargirl home 
But I had fallen into love 
Lying in the street this morning 
Dressed in whiskey from my bowels 
Think I'll crawl home crack a bottle 
But I'll have just one or two
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