Bored to death

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"Bored to death" এর ইডিত্তম্যাটিক অনুবাদ

Cana doymaq
Zu Tode gelangweilt
S'ennuyer à mourir
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Meanings of "Bored to death"


Sıxılmaq, bezmək.

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when you're really bored

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βαριέμαι πολύ

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Muerto de aburrimiento

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Ölesiye Sıkılmak

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গানে "Bored to death"

Nekfeu - Squa

I'm passing my share of cash around
We are in 2001, I'm writing "S-Crew" in the subway
I'm bored to death when my friends are back home overseas
No one liked my mug before I made it

Gims - ABCD

You've given everything you can and disappeared like Massimo
Garcia gravissimo, You'll crash to the floor like a sumo
It's tough, naturally, you're bored to death, stuck down a hole (8)
Paris has its bandits and its reformed bandits

Tanz der Vampire (Musical) - Outdoors is freedom

The wolves come out at nights
I get bored to death at home

Yelle - OMG!!!

All he has left is a ball of nerves [fn] "seum" is a very colloquial expression and quite modern. I think it means "to be nervous/anxious" so the translation here is literally a "sum of nerves". [/fn]

Grayscale, bored to death
He thought the worst so his body would feel something [fn] ""résonner" means to sounds or resonate. But we wouldn't really say "my body resonates" in English in this context. So "feel something" is probably the closest translation since the previous lines are about his boredom with life. [/fn]

Kuroshitsuji (OST) - I'm Alive

I’ll live my life, I’m alive!

When I’m bored to death at home
When he won't pick up the phone

Serge Gainsbourg - I Forgot to Be Foolish

Making sure that because of me
Because I lost a lot there
They get bored to death

Lisa LeBlanc - Softened Brain

I'm bored to death, I feel my brain softening
I'm bored to death, I feel my brain softening

Mélanie Pain - Helsinki

I miss you, I miss you
I haven't learned a thing
And I'm bored to death in the streets of Helsinki
I don't deserve Anna's heart in which I'm etched

Les Cowboys fringants - Little Shit

He decided he'd rather hang out
In the student lounge
Rather than be bored to death
Listening to an annoying teacher

Ermal Meta - Blonde

Let's say that there's never a real motive
when we get bored to death at a party

Wowaka - World's End Dancehall

A spatial just for you bystanders, jump
In the terminal, let's start the race.
Nothing good to do. Just bored to death, hey.
Can I take your hand and steal you away?

Patrick Fiori - When I Think of You

The hidden treasures which we bury, forever dead
For all the memories which are bored to death then -
The more I think of you, the more I realise, (percieve)

Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 - Charming

When you’re draped in scarlet and lace
Your fiancé would want you to have fun
Rather than be bored to death
Alliez dans le monde

Orelsan - Different

I don't want a submissive woman or a dirty groupie
By cons I trade my left arm against a night with Katsumi
Where I live, it's bored to death
A good evening is an evening which I have no memory

No One Is Innocent - I Don't Believe

If Faith
Were half-masted,<fn>In France "en berne" refers originally to an half-masted fly, but by extension it also refers to something that hasn't any vitality anymore</fn>,
They would be bored to death in all the barracks.

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Last night a DJ saved my life
Last night a DJ saved my life, yeah
Cause I was sittin' there bored to death
And in just one breath, he said

Skillet - Sick of It

Are you over it?
Bored to death?
Have you had enough regret?

Željko Samardžić - Give Me The Bad One

They sleep at night,
Work during the day -
I'm bored to death.

Blink-182 - Bored To Death

Save your breath, I'm nearly
Bored to death and fading fast
Life is too short to last long

Jeanne Cherhal - Five or six years

Five or six years, I remember, I was clay and fire mixed alltogether

Along this highschool's long hallways where I was bored to death
I used to draw words on the walls without being spotted, of course !