Beautiful translations

Created by silenced on 03 অক্টো 2019
Beautiful translations

Translations is what LT is all about. Surely among these thousands of attempts at dispelling the curse of Babel there are a few that struck you as especially beautiful?
Maybe it was a nice matching pun? Or a creative way of conveying an idea? Or a new angle that broadened your vision of the song?
Now is the time to share these experiences. Of course this is all very subjective, but who cares? You can never say enough nice things about beautiful things.

Rules of the game:
- no more than three songs per user, in order to leave room for diverse opinions. You can change your mind and ask for an entry to be replaced, though.
- add a little explanation of your choice to be added as comment. This is all about sharing experiences.

The English version was written by a poet and I suppose it very neatly summarizes the original.
This version is more literal and the French, though beautiful, slightly unusual. Yet it sends shivers down my spine.
I don't speak Romanian and most likely never will, but this translation allows me to imagine what a native speaker must feel of this poem's strength and beauty.

I would have thought no translation could ever convey the beautiful, subtle feel of the original. Yet Vera did it, with deceptively simple words and slightly different images. A very fine job indeed.

You can either just read the translation and burst into bitter laughter, or dwell on the erudite footnotes and get a fine idea of the original. The best of both worlds.