Bravo Hits Vol. 1 [Year:1998]

Created by Achampnator on 23 অক্টো 2019
Bravo Hits Vol. 1 [Year:1998]

The Bravo Hits are a series of music samplers with current titles from the music charts and appear regularly since 1992 as a music CD. The series emerged from the youth magazine Bravo. In addition to the main series of Bravo hits with 107 episodes so far (as of September 28, 2019) also appear in the series Bravo: The Hits (formerly Bravo: Best Of) and Bravo Black Hits. From this side row 35 episodes have appeared. In 2017 a unique Best Of Black Hits 2017/18 was released. In the years 1994 to 2003 was Bravo: Super Show also a third offshoot. In 2015 there was a unique offshoot with Bravo Dance.

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