Japanese versions of western songs

Created by Diazepan Medina on 29 সেপ্টে 2019

My intention is to include only Japanese artists doing Japanese versions of western songs, and not adding more than 5 songs of each artist.

Original: "Nathalie" by Julio Iglesias

Here's a performance by Yuri Harada

I also recommend this short video between Julio and Hiromi

Original: "Careless whisper" by George Michael

The only song with two different lyrics in this collection

Original: "Was Ich Dir Sagen Wil" by Udo Jürgens

By the way the original Japanese version was recorded by Pedro & Capricious (Yoko Maeno was the singer in that time)

Original: "I dreamed a dream" from the musical "Les Miserables"

These lyrics in japanese are from the 1987's production (in which she participated). In 2004 she did a version with different lyrics.

Original: "Sexy Music" by The Nolans

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ইংরেজী চীনা

Original: "Amapola" (English version) by Benny Goodman & Helen Forrest

অনুবাদসমূহ:  স্পেনীয় ইংরেজী

Original: "Amigo" (Portuguese version) by Roberto Carlos

It's mostly the portuguese version with some japanese lyrics

অনুবাদসমূহ:  পর্তুগীজ

Original: "Lock Your Heart Away" by Susan Singer

Original: "My way" by Frank Sinatra

Which is based in "Comme d'habitude" by Claude François

Original: "Passion flower" by Fraternity Brothers (which uses Beethoven's "Fur Elise" melody)

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ট্রান্সলিটারেশন

Original: "Like I do" by Nancy Sinatra (which uses the "Fur Elise" melody)

Original: "Music Box Dancer" by Frank Mills