Katy Perry 🇺🇸 – 01 – "One of the Boys" (Album Tracklist)

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Katy Perry 🇺🇸 – 01 – "One of the Boys" (Album Tracklist)

Katy Perry's first studio album (excluding the 2001 release "Katy Hudson", which can be considered juvenilia and is not listed on her official discography) was released in 2008. It peaked at no. 9 on the US album charts and saw worldwide success despite being in general not as popular as the first two singles released off it.

The following editions with different track listings have been released:

💿 original album (2008)
💿 iTunes edition (2008) [iT]
💿 iTunes deluxe edition (2008) [iTD]
💿 Walmart special edition (2008) [SE]
💿 Japanese edition (2008) [🇯🇵]
💿 2-disc platinum vinyl edition (2008) [PE]
💿 Japanese/Korean new edition (2009) [RE]

Additionally, a "Platinum Australian tour edition" was released, which came packed with a bonus live EP titled "The Hello Katy Australian Tour".

Additional bonus track on [iTD]:

14 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Rock Remix)

Additional track on 🇯🇵:

13 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Rock Mix)

Bonus tracks on RE:

13 - "Hot n Cold" (Manhattan Clique Remix Radio Edit)
14 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Morgan Page Remix – Main)

Tracks on disc 2 of PE:

01 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Dr. Luke & Benny Blanco Extended Remix)
02 - "I Kissed a Girl" (The Knocks Remix)
03 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Norman & Atalla Main Mix)
04 - "I Kissed a Girl" (Morgan Page Main Mix)
05 - "Hot n Cold" (Innerpartysystem Main Mix)
06 - "Hot n Cold" (Bimbo Jones Remix Radio Edit)
07 - "Hot n Cold" (Manhattan Clique Long Edit)
08 - "Hot n Cold" (Yelle Remix)

Track 01

written by Katy Perry

Track 02

written by Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin and Cathy Dennis

📻 first single

Track 03

written by Katy Perry, Desmond Child and Andreas Carlsson

📻 fourth single

Track 04

written by Katy Perry

📻 third single

Track 05

written by Katy Perry

অনুবাদসমূহ:  তুর্কি সার্বীয়

Track 06

written by Katy Perry and Greg Wells

❗also released as a promotional single off the EP of the same title

Track 07

written by Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald and Max Martin

📻 second single

Track 08

written by Katy Perry, Dave Katz and Sam Hollander

Track 09

written by Katy Perry and Ted Bruner

Track 10

written by Katy Perry, Scott Cutler and Anne Preven

অনুবাদসমূহ:  সার্বীয়

Track 11

written by Katy Perry and David Stewart

Track 12

written by Katy Perry and Greg Wells

Track 13 [iT, iTD]

written by Katy Perry and Ted Bruner

Track 13 [SE]
Track 14 [🇯🇵]

written by Katy Perry, Glen Ballard and Matthew Thiessen