Non-Romantic Vol. 2 - Serious

Created by BreezyDay on 18 নভে 2018 | BreezyDay সর্বশেষ সম্পাদনা করেছেন 18 মার্চ 2019

More songs of compassion will be added from this forum.

Non-Romantic Series of Collections (getting mind off romance):
Vol. 1 Cheerful rock, pop
Vol. 2 Serious, awareness
Vol. 3 Cheerful oldies, vintage
Vol. 4 Cheerful world (timba, samba, etc.)
Vol. 5 Encouragement
Vol. 6 Positive family, friendship or unity (storge, philia, agape)
Vol. 7 Cheerful misc (jazz, country or anything that doesn't fit into 1-6)

[Tanyas2882 collection AGAINST VIOLENCE]

Wounds caused by alcoholic father.

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ইতালীয় স্পেনীয়

They Dance Alone / Sting (human rights)

Fragile / Sting (planet)

Under Pressure / Freddie Mercury and David Bowie (homelessness)

Another Day in Paradise / Phil Collins (homelessness)

Beds Are Burning / Midnight Oil (treatment of indigenous)

Zombie / Cranberries (children harmed in Northern Ireland conflict)

Bloody Sunday / U2 (senseless deaths in Northern Ireland)

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ফরাসী ইতালীয় গ্রীক 11 more

Don't Kill the Whale / Yes (speaking up for the animals)

We Work the Black Seam / Sting (earth, human rights)

Luka / Suzanne Vega (abuse)

Rise Up / Andra Day

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ডাচ স্পেনীয় গ্রীক 6 more

Russians / Sting - 80s Cold War but resonates in modern times

Love Child / Diana Ross and the Supremes

Allentown / Billy Joel

অনুবাদসমূহ:  জার্মান

Chance / Big Country

Sweet and Tender Hooligan / Smiths (Morrissey)

Everyday Is Like Sunday / Smiths (Morrissey)

Fortress / Sting

অনুবাদসমূহ:  তুর্কি সার্বীয়

Perfect Mother / Basia

Pipeline / Depeche Mode

Desapariciones / Rubén Blades

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ইংরেজী

Red Rain / Peter Gabriel

Corre dijo la tortuga / Julieta Venegas

Feel Like Change / Black

Gimme Shelter / Rolling Stones

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ফরাসী গ্রীক তুর্কি 8 more

Message in a Bottle / Police

Al Vaivén De Mi Carreta / Elíades Ochoa

অনুবাদসমূহ:  ইংরেজী

Just Another Day / Oingo Boingo

Cold As Ice / Foreigner

Fly up to The Moon / Black (Colin Vearncombe)

LiveAid, compassion for those starving in Ethiopa.